• Tomat "Curranto" F1

Tomat "Curranto" F1

Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomat "Curranto" F1

Tomat "Curranto" F1
Kõrgekasvuline, varajane hübriidsort. Hinnatud väga magusate, kuivatamiseks ja konserveerimiseks sobivate vikjade tõttu. Viljad kaaluvad 10-15 g. Ühes kobaras kasvab 30-40 tomatit. Ühe kobara viljad saavutavad küpsuse peaaegu üheaegselt, seetõttu võib korjata kobaratena.

Early hybrid variety. Prized for sweet, delicious fruit suitable for drying and canning. Tall plants. Fruits weight 10-15 g. Do not crack for a long time. 30-40 tomato fruits per one truss. Peas ripen almost simultaneously, can be picked in trusses. Can be grown in balconies, greenhouses - plants are resistant to disease, yield is abundant and lasts long.
Seeds are sown in March. For the seeds to germinate quickly and uniformly, cover the seedlings with glass or film. Temperature of seeding substrate should be at least +21+26 °C, room temperature should be at least +23°C. When 2-4 true leaves show up, seedlings are transplanted one by one to the permanent place. Tomatoes or their products reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Томат "Курранто" F1
Высокорослый, раннеспелый гибрид кистевого томата, ценящийся за очень вкусные "черри"-плоды массой 10-15 г (в одной кисти формирует 30-40 плодов), которые созревают одновременно, что позволяет собирать урожай целыми кистями.

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon lycopersicum

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