Capsicum annuum L.
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Paprika ''Rafaela'' F1.

Paprika ''Rafaela'' F1.
Hübriid keskmise kasvuga, vili kitsas-kooniline, keskmise suurusega, kasvatamiseks avamaal ja kasvuhoones.

Sweet Pepper "RAFAELA" F1.
It is our first Kapia pepper hybrid which our company has offered to customers. It should be noted that this entry was very successful. Responses of Central-European growers and farmers in the Balkan countries, where this type of pepper is dominant, are more than favourable. The main advantages of this hybrid are perfect health and high yield of uniform fruits. Slimmer conical fruits are very firm and suitable for transport and storaging for a short period. Thanks to this RAFAELA is perfect for both - processing industry and fresh market as well. We recommend it mainly for harvesting when red.

Перец сладкий "Рафаэла" F1.
Гибрид сортотипа "Капия". Растения средней высоты. Плоды узко-конические, небольшие, при консервации не размягчаются.

Engl.:Sweet pepper.Suom.: Vihannespaprika.Swen.Paprika.:Bot.:Capsicum annuum L.

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