Urtica dioica
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Brännässla - Urtica dioica.

Stinging nettle - Urtica dioica.

In Estonia, there are two useful types of nettles most common:Urtica dioica and Urtica urens. Stinging nettle is used in pharmaceuticals, perfumery and cooking. Stinging nettle grows near a person's dwelling, behind vegetable gardens and on wastelands, in floodplains among shrubs and in clearings, in alder forests and humid forests, choosing very fertile lands for themselves. The long rhizome gives life to new shoots, providing stable vegetative reproduction for this species.

Eng.: Common nettle, Stinging nettle. Suom.: Isonokkonen. Sven.: Brännässla. Bot. syn.: Urtica dioica L. subsp. galeopsifolia.

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