• Rädisa "Albena"

Rädisa "Albena"

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Vit rädisa "Albena".

Radish "ALBENA".
An mid-early variety, suitable for forcing under cover, spring sowing in the open field and also for autumn cropping. The bulbs are white, medium sized and round, with bright white flesh. It is resistant to splitting and strongly resistant to bolting. Sow under cover in March; sow in the open field from March to the end of April and from the second half of July to the end of August.
The growing time from sowing to harvest is 30-34 days.

Редис "Альбена".
Среднеранний сорт белоплодного редиса: от посева до полноценного урожая 30-34 дня.

Eng.: White Radish. Suom.: Retiisi (valkoinen). Sven.: Rädisa. Bot.: Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus.

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