Cucurbita maxima Duchesne
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Jättepumpa "Rouge vif D Etampes"

Kõrvits ''Rouge vif D Etampes''
Keskhiline sort (100-110 päeva). Viljad kaaluvad 4-8 kg (kuni 10 kg). Viljaliha tihe, oranžikas-kollane. Säilib hästi. 1 g = 2-5 seemet.

Тыква крупноплодная "Руж виф де Тамп".
Среднепоздний сорт (100-110 дней) французской селекции.
Плоды достигают веса 10 кг. Мякоть плотная, оранжево-жёлтого цвета. Хорошо хранятся.

PUMPKIN ROUGE VIF D`ETAMPES - Cucurbita maxima Duchesne.
One of the oldest and most popular kinds of pumpkins. Vegetation period is 100-110 days. In order to obtain early harvest, seedlings are grown in pots. In order to grow bigger pumpkins, a part of the grassroots is removed, with 2 or 3 left. The fruit is brightly orange, round with flat ends, ribbed; grow up to 5-15 kg. Their pulp is orange and has a nice taste. Grow best in sunny, sandy loam or clay loam soil, sheltered from winds. Holds great until summer. Suitable for fresh consumption, baking, frying, boiling. 1g contains approximately 2-5 seeds.
Middle late variety. Produces middle sized 10 kg fruits. Orange-yellow flesh. Good storage ability.
A French heirloom variety resembling Cinderella s carriage and earning it its nickname "Cinderella" this pumpkin has attractive flame-orange-red flesh, low seed content and full, moderately sweet flavour, and so is excellent for cooking but is also popular simply for its decorative uses.

Eng.: Pumpkin. Suom.: Jättikurpitsa. Sven.: Jättepumpa.Bot.:Cucurbita maxima Duchesne

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