Capsicum annuum L.
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Paprika "Beatrix" F1

Sweet Pepper "BEATRIX" F1.
This is an early hybrid variety which is intended mainly for greenhouses but in warmer areas also for growing in the field. The fruits are erect, triangular, with 3 chambers and have a blunt tip. The fruits are intended for immediate consumption as well as for the canning industry. At technical ripeness the colour is white-green, and is red at botanical ripeness. The ratio of length to width is 14,7:7,4.

Перец сладкий "Беатрикс" F1.
Раннеспелый гибрид для закрытого грунта, формирующий 3-камерные конусовидные плоды (соотношение длина/диаметр: 14,7:7,4).
В биологической зрелости плоды приобретают ярко-красный цвет.


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