• Purjolök "Terminal"

Purjolök "Terminal"

Allium porrum L.
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Purjolök "Terminal".

Keskvarajane, saagikas sort suviseks ja sügiseseks saagiks.

Leek "Terminal". 
A mid-early variety intended for summer and autumn harvesting. The plant is medium-sized with erect, medium-green leaves. 
Leeks do not require a specific type of location. Planting is possible in all deep, neutral soils. It does, however, require regular watering and sufficient nutrients in the soil. Sowing can be carried out from January in pots, later in greenhouses or outside plots. Plant seedlings from April as deep as possible in rows 30 -50 cm apart where the seedlings should be 10 - 15 cm apart from each other. Direct sowing can be carried out from April in rows 50 cm apart and with 20 seeds per metre. 
Seed consumption: 1 - 1.5 kg/ha for early planting; 0.5 - 0.75 kg/ha for late planting.
The summer varieties can be harvested from June onwards depending on the condition of the plant and the late varieties, depending on frost and the condition of the soil, until spring.

Variety of Leek
(Allium porrum L.)
Days to maturity
from sowing
to frost
Number of plants
per 1 ha
Length of
consume part
Harvesting period Terminal 155-165 -7°C 266000 35-40 Summer-autumn Golem 155-165 -7°C 166000 45-50 Summer-autumn Albos 160-170 -7°C 266000 30-35 Summer-autumn Starozagorski Kamus 170-180 -7°C 166000 55-65 Summer-autumn October 175-185 -10°C 266000 30-35 Autumn Tango 180-200 -10°C 333000 25-30 Autumn Titus 165-175 -15°C 266000 20-25 Autumn-spring Winner 180-200 -15°C 266000 20-25 Autumn-spring Elefant 180-200 -15°C 333000 15-20 Autumn-spring

Лук-порей "Терминал" - Allium porrum L.
Среднеранний, высокоурожайный сорт для летнего и осеннего сбора урожая.


Eng.: Garden Leek. Suom.: Purjosipuli. Sven.: Purjolök.

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