• Rädisa "Faraon"

Rädisa "Faraon"

Raphanus sativus L.
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Rädisa ''Faraon''.

Redis ''Faraon''.
Varajane sort - 28-32 päeva saagini, juurvili keskmise suurusega. Sobib külvata nii kevadel, suvel kui sügisel. Juurvili keskmise suurusega. Seemneid pakis 3 g (250 seemet).

Radish "FARAON".
An early variety intended for forcing as well as spring and autumn growing in the open field. The bulbs are medium-large to large, round and scarlet-red. This variety is resistant to bolting and splitting of the bulbs. The growing time from sowing to harvest is 28-32 days.
Radishes require light, warm and rotavated soils with sufficient nutrients.They are mainly used for forcing, in cold greenhouses and early spring field growing. Because of its short growing period it can be used as a secondary crop for late spring and summer sowing. Varieties that are suitable for the earliest harvesting can be sown from December. Most often sowing takes place from mid-February in rows 6 cm apart. In later sowings the rows should be 9-12 cm apart and with approximately 300 seeds per square metre.
Seed consumption: for forcing 2-3 g/m2 which is 20-30 kg/ha, for field growing 15-20 kg/ha.
Harvesting happens gradually, after they reach the intended size. When grown from quality, calibrated hybrid seeds, a single harvest is possible.

Редис "Фараон".
Ранний сорт (28-32 дня), устойчивый к стрелкованию и растрескиванию корнеплодов.
Корнеплоды среднего размера.

Eng.: Radish. Suom.: Retiisi. Sven.: Rädisa.

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