• Gurka "Karen" F1

Gurka "Karen" F1

Cucumis sativus L.
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Partenokarp gurka "Karen" F1.

Pickling  cucumber "KAREN" F1.
An early parthenocarpic hybrid variety with mainly female flowers suitable for all regions. The fruits are medium to dark green in colour, genetically not bitter and are slightly hairy on the surface. It is highly tolerant of downy mildew. The ratio of length to width is 3:1. The variety is resistant to CMV, Ccu, PM.
Cultivation: For field growing of cucumbers only warm, protected locations, with adequate air moisture and warm, preferably sandy-clay, humus-containing soils with sufficient calcium, are suitable. At present there are 3 methods used for growing.
A. Direct sowing into soil - they are sown in rows 150 - 250 cm apart with 15 seeds per metre.
B. Transplanting seedlings into soil - they are sown in rows 150 - 250 cm apart with 5 seedlings per metre.
C. Transplanting seedlings using a vertical system of wires - the wirelines should be 150 cm apart with 5 seedlings per metre.
Harvest: Depending on the weather harvesting can start as soon as the cucumbers reach the required size. Harvesting is in stages, every other day, so that the less mature cucumbers can continue to grow.

Cucumber Zuzana F1 Kurk

Огурец "Карен" F1.
Раннеспелый партенокарпический (самоопыляющийся) гирид. Высокоустойчив к мучнистой росе, вирусу огуречной мозаики и пероноспорозу. Выращивается как в открытом, так и в защищённом грунте в любых регионах.

Pickling cucumber, parthenocarpic cucumber

Eng.: Cucumber. Sven.: Gurka. Suom.: Kurkku. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

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