Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomaatti "Terion".

Bush tomato "TERION".
Medium early variety of bush tomato with medium red fruits of oval shape with weight of 80-90 grams. The color in technological ripeness in light green with no stripes near footstalk. Plants are compact, healthy, well-regenerating. One plant can produce 70 fruits, which do not fall and do not crack. The variety is suitable for field growing for canning industry.

Томат "Терион".
Среднеранний, детерминантный сорт. Плоды не очень крупные, овальные, весом 80-90 г.

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon lycopersicum

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