Lycopersicon lycopersicum L.
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Tomaatti "Bull Heart".

Tomato Cour di Bue Tomat Härja süda Tomat Oxheart Томат Бычье Сердце

A popular variety of fleshy tomato from the treasury of world selection.
Plant of standard type, medium late ripening (118-128 days from germination). Powerful, indeterminate and low-leafed plant with a height of 120-150 cm for open ground and film greenhouses. The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped, light red in color and weighing 220-250 g (at the first collection up to 500 g). The taste is excellent. It is intended for fresh consumption and for home cooking (making juice, pasta).
Productivity - 3.5-5 kg ​​/ plant. in the open field and 8-12 kg per plant in greenhouses.
Features of agricultural technology.
Plant 2.5-3 plants per 1 square meter, form into one stem with a garter of plants to a vertical support, regularly pinch.
The peculiarity of the variety is the presence on one plant of fruits of different shapes and different weights. On the lower inflorescences there are 2-3 large flat-rounded fruits weighing about 400 g, on the subsequent inflorescences there are small oval-shaped fruits weighing 50-100 g. Medium resistant to diseases.
Large fruits for fresh consumption, small ones can be preserved.

Tomato Cour di Bue Tomat Härja süda Tomat Oxheart Томат Бычье Сердце

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