Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.
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Tomaatti "Bananza".

Tomato "Bananza".
A special variety of sweet long-fruited tomato.
Long banana fruits (15–20 cm!) In weighty clusters of 12–15 pcs.
The plant is indeterminate (with unlimited growth), intended for cultivation in greenhouses.
A pleasant bonus for growing in a summer cottage - the variety bears fruit abundantly and for a long time.
The rich taste and bright tomato aroma will be appreciated by lovers of Italian pasta with traditional sauce.
Sowing seedlings: early to mid-March.
Pick: in the phase of the first true leaf.
Planting seedlings in greenhouses: early May.
Mandatory garter for plants as they grow.
The plant is formed into one stem, removing all the “stepchildren” and lower leaves, and pinching the growing point at the end of the growing season.
Planting scheme: 40x60 cm.
The fruits are harvested as they ripen.
After harvesting, the seeds remain viable for 10 years under optimal storage conditions.

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