Artemisia dracunculus L.
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Rakuuna "King of Herbs".

Tarhun (Russian tarragon).
Tarragon (Tarhun) is a perennial herb up to 1.5 m high. It blooms in June-August.
Tarragon has a strong aroma. It is used to flavor marinades, in the manufacture of cheeses, mustard, and various spice mixtures. Fresh tarragon leaves are used as an appetizer or a side dish for meat, egg, dairy dishes, and are added to vegetable salads.
In dried form, it is seasoned with some types of borscht, okroshka, fish soup, meat, dishes from the liver, heart, tongue and fish.
Tarragon is indispensable in homemade preparations. The substances contained in the leaves inhibit the growth of lactic acid bacteria, help preserve the color of the product, increase the strength, and improve the taste and smell of vegetables.
Medicinal properties: tarragon stimulates appetite, improves digestion and sleep, relieves the bitterness of drugs.
It is used as a diuretic, antihelminthic drug, for the treatment of dropsy, strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Due to the high content of vitamin C, carotene, rutin in essential oil, tarragon is used in folk medicine, including for the restoration of male strength.

Eng.: Little dragon, Russian tarragon. Suom.: Rakuuna. Sven.: Dragon, dragonört, fransk dragon, rysk dragon. Bot. syn.: Artemisia dracunculoides Pursh., Artemisia redowskii Ledeb., Oligosporus dracunculus L.

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