Raphanus sativus L. var. radicula Pers.
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Retiisi "French Breakfast 3".

The "French Breakfast" radish is an heirloom radish variety that has been popular for at least the last 100 years or more due to its excellent qualities. This excellent Spring variety is famous for its beauty, as well as its wonderful, delicate flavor. In addition to its roots, the flower pods are also edible. Excels in cool weather during the spring and fall, but will also withstand heat. Will grow in partial shade. Crops in: 25 Days.
Crisp, crunchy, mild and sweet. Ideal for decoration - make small uneven cuts around the outside of the radish, place in iced water and it will open up into floral shapes.
Sowing Instructions: Radishes grow well in most soils, but prefer rich, moist free draining soils. Sow at regular intervals from early spring to early summer in well cultivated soil. Sow very thinly 1 cm deep in drills 15 cm apart.
Growing Instructions: Thin out the seedlings to 3-5 cm apart.
Aftercare Instructions: Water during dry spells. For summer sowings choose a moist cool spot to prevent running to seed. As radishes grow so fast and use less of the soils goodness, use them totally as a catch crop with other slower maturing produce. Harvest as soon as the roots reach reasonable size, if left too long they will become hot and woody.

Redis 18 days

Редис "Французский завтрак".
Нежнейшая мякоть пикантного вкуса !
Среднеранний сорт: от всходов до сбора урожая - 25 дней. Корнеплоды красные с белым кончиком, цилиндрические, крупные, массой 15-30 г. Мякоть нежная, сочная, более пикантного вкуса, чем у сорта "18 дней".
Условия выращивания. Посев производят при прогревании почвы до +8+10 С на глубину 1,5 см. Культура холодостойка, выдерживает лёгкие заморозки. Хорошо растёт на любой не слишком тяжёлой почве. Наилучшего качества корнеплоды получают на освещённых и достаточно влажных участках.
Посев: IV-V.
Урожай: V-VI.

Eng.: Radish. Suom.: Retiisi. Sven.: Rädisa. Bot.:

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