• Kõrvits Zolushka

Kõrvits Zolushka

Cucurbita maxima Duchesne
  • Merkki: Gavrish
  • Pakkauksessa: 1,0 g
  • Saatavuus: 6
  • 0.83€

Keskvalmiv sort (tõusmetest valmimiseni kulub 115-130 päeva). Vili kaalub 10-15 kg. Viljaliha kreemikas, magus. Väga head maitseomadused. Pakendis 2,0 g.

Zolushka is an early large-fruited pumpkin hybrid. Plant has medium-sized runners, length of the main runner is up to 4 m., medium-branched stem. Rounded stem has edges and is of a medium thickness. Heart-shaped, medium, non-dissected leaf has no aerenchyma. Medium-sized petiole is up to 30 cm. Pubescence is strong and very tiny. Florescence begins in the middle of June. The hybrid is characterized by yellow stems and fruit-stems, which doesn t mean illness. Rounded flat fruit has moderately segmented surface, is dark-rose and orange, with light-rose rare stripes. Fruit-stem is cylindrical and durable. Weight of fruit 3-9 kg, plant has up to 6 fruits. The yield is up to 16 kg/m2. Bright-orange non-tapering flesh is 3-4 cm thick, of medium density and crunchy like potato. Autumn-harvesting hybrid must to be collected before cold weather. Not intended for long keeping, best before November.


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