Phaseolus multiflorus
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Tarhapapu "Albena".
Kiipeily papu.

Rod type Bean "Albena".
This variety grows up to height of 3-4 m. It is attractive with its largeness of seeds which are universally usable in ripe and also in unripe state. The plant flowers up to the frost time. The sequential harvest is possible until late autumn.
* Weight of 1000 seeds = 1400 g.
* Number of seeds in 1 g = 0,6-0,8.
* Vegetation lenght from sowing (days) = 84.
* Heigh of plant (cm) = 300-400.
* Number of plants on ha = 28000.

Eng.: Runner shell bean. Suom.: Tarhapapu. Sven.: Spritböna. Bot.: Phaseolus vulgaris var. vulgaris.

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