• Ydinherne "Zazrak z Kelvedonu"

Ydinherne "Zazrak z Kelvedonu"

Pisum sativum L. convar. medullare Alef. emend C.O. Lehm
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Ydinherne "Zazrak z Kelvedonu".

Wrinkled Pea "Kelvedon Wonder".
A mid-late variety for universal use.
 The first flowers appear at the 10th node. The pods are green with large dark green seeds.
There are 6-8 seeds in a pod. The recommended seed rate is 100-110 plants per 1 m2. The recommended sowing rate is 210 - 230 kg per ha.
The time from sowing to harvest is approx. 67 days.
Sowing Instructions: Kelvedon Wonder is an early variety, height 45 cm. Peas prefer a deep rich, moist soil, which has had plenty of well rotted manure or compost dug in the previous autumn/winter. Commence sowing in March once the ground is workable. Sowings can be made until July. In very cold or wet regions, cover early sowings with tall cloches. Rake in a balance of fertilizer at 2 oz per sq.yd. before sowing and sow thinly in drills 5 cm deep, allowing 45-60 cm between the rows.
Growing Instructions: Keep the rows weeded and once the plants are 8-10 cm  tall, provide twiggy sticks for support. Give water twice a week during flowering and pod development to ensure a prolonged and heavier crop. Commence picking when the pods have started to swell. Depending on the sowing time, peas can be harvested from June-September.
Aftercare Instructions: Early and regular picking will also improve the cropping and flavour of the pea.

Pea Kelvedon Wonder Hernes Горох Кельведонское Чудо

Горох "Чудо Кельведона".
Раннеспелый, низкорослый (45-60 см.) сорт универсального назначения - для использования в свежем виде, переработки и консервирования зелёного горошка.
Стручки длинные, расположены по два на цветоносе, содержащие 6-8 светло-зелёных сладких горошин.
Сорт устойчив к неблагоприятным условиям выращивания. Урожайность зерна в молочной спелости 40 кг/100 м2.

Eng.: Wrinkled pea. Suom.: Ydinherne. Sven.: Märgärt.

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