Allium cepa L.
Merkki: Semo
Pakkauksessa:2,5 g
Veroton: 1.05€

Ruokasipuli "Klaria".

Onion "Klaria"
Small-celled, two-, three-pronged. Productivity up to 1.2-1.6 kg / m2.
Features of agricultural technology:
For open ground. For cultivation in annual and biennial crops.
Ripening terms:
Mid-season, vegetation period is 105-120 days.
The bulbs are round-flat and flat, weighing 60-80 g, semi-sharp taste, dense. Dry scales are golden yellow, juicy scales are white. The keeping quality of the bulbs is good.
Medium resistant to downy mildew, neck rot, onion fly.
Universal use.

Eng.: Hibernal onion. Suom.: Ruokasipuli, kepasipuli. Sven.: Gul Lök.

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