• Garden huckleberry (Wonderberry)

Garden huckleberry (Wonderberry)

Solanum melanocerasum L.
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Wonderberry (Mexican garden berry).

Garden Huckleberry - Solanum melanocerasum.
Annual berry. Exotic and easy to cultivate. Used both in naturopathy and for culinary purposes. Plants grow up to 50-90 cm, can be kept in a plant pot. Black fruits make a good add-on to jams, cakes and other desserts as well as a medicine recommended in kidney malfunctions, among others. Both fruits and leaves can be brewed.
Unlike wonderberries or blueberries, the easy-to-grow huckleberry will need cooking, as they are bitter when raw and unsweetened,although some people do eat them when they are ripe and soft. But a real culinary miracle occurs when you cook and sweeten this variety of garden huckleberries! In America they are traditionally used to make delicious pies and jams but for some reason, elsewhere in the world they have never really caught on.

Паслён черновишенный - Solanum melanocerasum.
Однолетнее растение до 1,0 м высотой, голостебельное или редковолосистое. Листья яйцевидные, 7-12 см длиной и 5-8 см шириной, с черешками около 1,5-7 см длиной.
Соцветие простое (иногда разветвлённое) с 9-12 цветками.
Венчик цветка белой окраски до 1 см в диаметре.
Ягоды шаровидные: 1-1,7 см в диаметре.
Окраска ягод: пурпурно-чёрная.

Solanum melanocerasum Mustik-maavits

Eng.: Wonderberry, Garden huckleberry, Mexican garden berry. Bot. syn.: Solanum guineense. Bot. syn.: Solanum guineense, Solanum nigrum var. melanocerasum (All.) Dunal.

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