• Keltasinappi "Braco"

Keltasinappi "Braco"

Sinapis alba L.
  • Merkki: Seklos
  • Pakkauksessa: 1,0 kg
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
  • 5.40€

Keltasinappi "Braco" - Sinapis alba L.

Mark of lot: 18/K/554/826/LT.
Kategooria: C category.

Valge sunepi seemned, Seeds of yellow mustard, Vitsenap frön, Keltasinappi siemenet, семена горчицы белой

MUSTARD YELLOW - Sinapis alba.
Annual, nectariferous, medicinal, spice plant. Grows best in light clay/sandy loam. Grows fast. Seeds and young leaves (which have a hot taste) are used as food. Seeds are used to produce mustard powder. Mustard powder can be used with meat and fish dishes as seasoning, leaves – can be used in salads. Mustard is used to cure atherosclerosis, gastro-intestinal diseases, rheumatism, and eczema.
1,0 g contains approximately 145 seeds.
1000 seeds = 5,0-6,0 g.

Eng.: White mustard, MUSTARD YELLOW. Suom.: Keltasinappi, valkosinappi. Sven.: Vanlig vitsenap. Bot. syn.: Brassica hirta Moench, Sinapis alba L. subsp. alba.

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