• Rehuretiisi "Rafano" (vihreä lanta)

Rehuretiisi "Rafano" (vihreä lanta)

Raphanus sativus L. var. oleiformis Pers
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Rehuretiisi "Rafano" - Raphanus sativus L. var. oleiformis.

Horseradish "Rafano" (green manure)
A fast-growing green crop that excels as a green manure.
a productive and fast-growing crop that can be sown from early spring to late autumn. In 1.5 months, it goes through all stages from germination to flowering, reaching 1.5-1.8 m in height.
Oil radish grows quickly and builds up its green mass even in the cold season. Late sowing is also well tolerated. In one season, you can get 2-3 cuttings. Oil radish not only binds nitrogen well, but also destroys pathogens of some diseases and actively suppresses soil pests (wireworms, nematodes) due to the increased content of essential oils.
Due to its rapid growth, it also clogs weeds, even such formidable ones as wheatgrass. It has a powerful tap root system, which is able to enrich and loosen not only the surface layer of the soil, but also deeper layers, thereby pushing out weeds and wheatgrass. Water and air permeability in the soil improves, with excellent frost resistance, does not allow the soil to freeze too deeply, while retaining snow. Oilseed radish can be used as a nutritious animal feed because it contains a lot of protein.
Possesses melliferous properties, attracting bees even in cool weather. The oil radish has very thick leaves, which often lie under their weight. It blooms with yellow or white flowers, after which pods are formed, in which the seeds ripen.
Oil radish is sown as a green manure from April to September, for winter crops, but the later the sowing, the worse the result, the soil will receive less green fertilizer, since the aboveground mass will not have time to grow, therefore, the best time for sowing oil radish is still spring. The seeds are deepened by 2-4 cm, keeping the distance between the rows 15-30 cm. You can also sow in bulk. After 5-7 days, seedlings appear, and active growth of the aerial part begins. The first mowing is carried out before flowering, approximately 30 days after sowing.

100 g = 40 m2.

Eng.: Oil radish, Oilseed hoseradish.  Suom.: Rehuretiisi. Sven.: Oljerättika. Bot. syn.: Raphanus sativus var. oleiferus Stokes.

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