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HETEROAUXIN - yleinen juuren muodostumisen stimulaattori.
Universal root formation stimulator for seedlings, seedlings, bulbs and corms.
A source of organic plant nutrition.
The active ingredient of the preparation: indolyl-3-acetic acid 920 g / kg, potassium salt 50 g / kg.
Release form: water-soluble powder 2.0 g.
Safe for bees.
Heteroauxin is intended for pre-planting soaking of bulbs and corms of flower crops, the root part of seedlings of vegetable and flower crops, cuttings and roots of seedlings of fruit, berry and ornamental crops in order to stimulate root formation. The presence of highly developed roots in plants treated with heteroauxin promotes more rapid development of shoots and leaves. Well-developed shoots and leaves in plants contribute to an increase in productivity, plant viability in extreme climatic conditions, plant resistance to bacterial and viral diseases.
Prepare a solution for spraying, watering, dipping or soaking according to the table. After planting seedlings aged in a solution of heteroauxin, it is recommended to water the soil around the plants with a solution of heteroauxin 2-3 times in the first half of summer. The first watering is good immediately after planting, the second - 10-12 days after planting, the third - 15 days after the second watering.
The drug is practically non-toxic to bees and low-toxic to fish.
The drug belongs to moderately toxic substances. Perform processing using personal protective equipment. During work, do not smoke, drink, eat. After work, wash your face and hands with soap, rinse your mouth. Store the drug in a cool dry place at temperatures from -10 ° C to + 35 ° C. The working solution is not subject to storage! The drug is safe for bees.
FIRST AID FOR POISONING, if the drug gets on the skin, rinse with water; in case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water; if it enters the digestive tract, rinse the stomach. Treatment is symptomatic.
Burn the rest of the packaging; Wash away accidentally spilled product with plenty of water.
Do not let the drug get into water bodies!
Expiration date: 5 years.
Hazard class: 3.

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