Cucumis sativus L.
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Kurkku "Madita" F1.
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Varhainen kypsä hybridilajike itsekantavaa kurkkua, jossa on nippusivat munasarjat (6-7 hedelmää kimpussa).
Sen edut: voimakas kasvu, jopa tummanvihreät hedelmät, katkeruuden puute ja tiheä koostumus - ihanteellinen kurkku peittaamiseen, säilyttämiseen ja tuoreeseen käyttöön.

* Freezing is one of the most popular ways of preparing vegetables, as it allows you to preserve a maximum of vitamins and nutrients.
It is best to freeze the cucumbers in cubes. Hard, fresh, not overgrown and non-bitter cucumbers are well washed, dried (it is better to wipe with a towel to minimize the presence of water) and cut into cubes. Then the cucumbers are laid out in an even thin layer on a cutting board or on a special pallet and placed in the freezer. After the cubes are frozen, they are distributed flat in packages, while removing excess air, tied and sent to freeze.
You can cut cucumbers not only into cubes, but also into rings and strips. Cubes are preferable, since they are most often used for okroshka, olivier and vinaigrette. They are also good for smoothies with kefir and herbs.
Chopped into strips are more suitable for adding to a salad of fresh cabbage, and slices are more suitable for adding to a salad of tomatoes and Provencal cabbage.
The circles can be placed on sandwiches or used as decoration. The main condition is to add them to salads in an unfrozen state. There, they will quickly become saturated with salad dressing, defrost, without losing their taste and aroma and will not creep. The only thing is that with a salad dressing (for example, mayonnaise in an Olivier salad), you need to add a little less, based on the cucumber juice that stands out.
Overgrown cucumbers can be frozen for a natural tonic: cucumber juice is a good substitute for store cosmetics.
The cucumbers are passed through a meat grinder or crushed with a blender, then the mass is squeezed out with gauze, the resulting juice is poured into ice molds and sent to the freezer. After a day, cucumber ice cubes are transferred to a separate bag or container. Frozen cucumber juice is used to wipe the face and décolleté area. This natural toner tightens the skin, brightens age spots, removes fine wrinkles.
You can also freeze pickles.
Probably, everyone has come across a situation when, after opening a 3-liter jar, pickles remain uneaten for some reason. In order not to take up space in the refrigerator or throw away a quality product, pickles are cut into cubes and put in the freezer. Together with them, you can also freeze delicious home-made brine (you cannot find this in winter, so it must be saved and used).
It is most convenient to make a piece of pickled cucumbers as a "brick", in the refrigerator they become close to each other. Their height is adjusted according to the height of the drawers, and the volume - so that the "brick" is completely gone at one time of cooking. Any container can be used as a form for making bricks: for example, milk and juice bags or plastic boxes freed from food. A plastic bag is inserted into the washed and dried container, into which pickled cucumbers (cut into cubes) are tightly applied, filled with strained brine, tied on top of a knot and placed in the freezer. Add unfrozen product to the dishes.
Cucumbers frozen in brine are especially good in pickles and azu.

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