• Pelargoni "Ranny universal"

Pelargoni "Ranny universal"

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Viirpelargoon "Varajane universaal".
Parim vaaside ja rõdude ehtimiseks.
Kõige populaarsem mitmeaastane taim haljastuseks ja aknalaudade kaunistuseks. 1-1,5 kuu möödudes külvist taimed pikeeritakse ja istutatakse ümber kastidesse või lillepottidesse. Idanemise optimaalseks temperatuuriks on +18+22°C. Taime kõrgus 15-50 cm.

Pelargonium x hortorum Viirpelargoon
Donald Zonald.

Пеларгония "Ранний универсал" - Pelargonium x hortorum.
Лучшее украшение ваз и балконов пеларгонии группы “мультифлора”: многочисленные цветоносы заканчиваются плотными соцветиями, состоящими из крупных, достигающих 3-4 см в диаметре цветков.
Характеризуется ранним началом цветения: много окрасок, много побегов, аккуратная листва. Потрясающе выглядит как в контейнерах, так и в различных цветниках. Обильно цветёт с весны до первых морозов. 
Условия выращивания. Многолетник, в открытом грунте выращиваемый как однолетник. Посев на рассаду в лёгкую почву.
Глубина заделки - 1 см. При оптимальной температуре +20°С семена прорастают в течение 5-10 дней.
Пикировка через 3 недели. Не допускать пересыхания почвы и колебания температуры. 
Высота 25-35 см. 
Схема посадки 30х50. 
Посев февраль-апрель. 
Пересадка март-апрель. 
Цветение май-сентябрь.

Physical Characteristics.
An evergreen perennial growing to 1m. It is hardy to zone 9 and is frost tender. It is in leaf all year, in flower in August. The scented flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs). We rate it 1 out of 5 for usefulness. The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and requires well-drained soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires dry or moist soil.
Habitats and Possible Locations By Walls, By South Wall, By West Wall.
Cultivation details.
An easily grown plant, it requires a light well-drained neutral to alkaline soil in a sunny position, growing well on dry sunny banks. Plants are not very cold-hardy in Britain, tolerating temperatures down to about 0°c. They generally require greenhouse protection but might succeed outdoors when grown in a very sheltered warm spot in the mildest parts of the country. They can also be grown in containers that are placed outdoors in the summer and then brought into the greenhouse or conservatory for the winter. The plants need to be kept fairly dry in the winter. Very tolerant of pruning, they can be cut right down to the base in the autumn when bringing them back indoors, or in the spring to encourage lots of fresh growth. Closely related to P. capitatum.
Propagation Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe in a greenhouse. Stored seed should be sown in early spring in a greenhouse. The seed germinates best with a minimum temperature of 13°c, germination usually taking place within 2 weeks though it sometimes takes some months. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter. If trying them outdoors, plant them out in early summer and consider giving them extra protection during the winter. Cuttings succeed at almost any time in the growing season but early summer is the best time in order for the new plant to become established before winter.

Eng.: Horseshoe geranium, horseshoe pelargonium. Suom.: Pelargoni. Sven.: Pelargon.

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