Lobelia pendula
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Riippalobelia "Fountain" (seos) - Lobelia erinus var. pendula.

Ideal for hanging containers.
A colorful mixture of various colors with climbing, flowing shoots up to 30 cm in length. The plant is highly branching, the stems are completely covered with spectacular flowers. Ideal for decorating balconies, creating carpet beds. For better tillering, pinch the tops of young plants. After the first wave of flowering, the ends of the stems are cut. It blooms profusely and continuously throughout the summer.
Growing conditions. Sowing on seedlings superficial, germination in the light. At a temperature of + 18 ° C, seedlings appear in 7-14 days. Landing in open ground in small groups. Plants are warm and light-requiring, grow better in sunlit places with well-drained, fertile soil. Regular watering is required. The seeds are very small, about 30,000 seeds per gram.
Sowing: February-March.
Transfer: May.
Bloom: June-September.
Location: thermophilic, reaches the greatest decorative effect in open, sunny places.
Soil: grows well on moderately moist loamy or sandy loam soils.
Reproduction: seeds, which are sown in February in a greenhouse. For even sowing, the seeds are mixed with dry sand in a ratio of 1:50 and not covered. Seedlings are very small and develop slowly. Dive twice into light ground. Seedlings are planted in the ground after the end of spring frosts, keeping a distance of 15 cm between plants.
Usage: as an ornamental deciduous and flowering plant in flower beds, rabatkas and groups, in borders and carpet compositions.

Eng.: Edging lobelia, fountains lobelia. Suom.: Riippalobelia. Sven.: Kaplobelia.

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