Anethum graveolens L.
Merkki: Seklos
Pakkauksessa:5,0 g
Veroton: 2.70€

Tilli "Lena".
Kuinka monta siementä on 1 grammassa: 1,0 g = 590-650.

Dwarf, fragrant variety producing deep green foliage. Small, fragrant, savoury leaves are used for food. Slow to grow and bolt, produces thick leaflets.
Suitable for growing in pots for early spring harvesting. When grown outdoors, should be sown 10 days till the middle of June, and from 10th August to 5th September.
Produces lush foliage in soil where previous crop was fertilised with manure. Prefers moist, loose soil. Long germination period – approx. 13–20 days.
Dill can be grown in winter at home – in boxes on windowsills, however, additional lighting should be ensured. To preserve the aroma, freezing is recommended. This way, dill can be used to season cooked dishes or fresh meals.
5 g for 2 m2 area – predicted yield under favourable growing conditions 2–4 kg.

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