Celosia argentea L. var. cristata L.
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Kukonharja "Toreador" Celosia argentea L. var. cristata (L.)

This original plant will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to its bright dense inflorescences, reminiscent of a cockscomb ...
Very decorative and unpretentious, celosia will become a real decoration of flower beds.
Plant height 60-70 cm.
In winter, you can enjoy the original flower arrangements made with your own hands:
Carefully cut and dried inflorescences will perfectly retain their original color until spring ...
The plant prefers sunny, wind-protected places with fertile soil.
Propagated by sowing seeds in late March - early April in boxes. The seeding depth is 0.3 cm. At a soil temperature of + 18 + 20 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. Seedlings dive in the phase of 2 true leaves, watered carefully and moderately, regularly ventilated.
Seedlings are planted in open ground after the end of spring frosts, maintaining a distance between plants of 20 -30 cm.

Eng.: Crested cockscomb, cresto de gallo. Suom.: Kukonharja. Sven.: Tuppkam.

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