Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. vulgaris
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Salkopapu "Cosse Violette".

Medium early bean variety. Height reaches 180-200 cm. The grown pods are 14-18 cm in size, purple in color. The seed is white, round in shape. This variety is especially suitable for canning and processing in the food industry. When cooked, the magenta color changes to green. It requires a sunny spot and adequate watering.
Sowing method: 40 x 6 cm.
Vegetation period: 65 - 70 days from sowing to harvest.
Sowing: May, June.
Harvesting: July, August, September, October.
Usage: for whole pods and beans.

Eng.: French bean climbing. Suom.: Salkopapu. Sven.: Störskärböna. Bot.: Phaseolus vulgaris var. vulgaris.

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