Asarina scandens
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Sinipunavaula (seos) - Asarina (Maurandia) scandens = Asarina (Maurandia) semperflorens = Usteria scandens.
One of the most beautiful climbing lianas, the popularity of which is growing steadily. An annual plant with a twisting branched stem 3-3.5 m high. Velvety leaves well set off large funnel-shaped flowers, white, blue, pink, lilac, located along the entire length of the stem.
Blooms from July to September.
They are used for vertical gardening, decorating balconies, gazebos, pergolas. Can be used as an ampelous plant.
Agrotechnics: prefers a sunny, warm place, sheltered from the winds, with drained, rich garden soil.
Seeds are sown in February-March, 3-4 seeds in pots. The seeds are lightly pressed into the soil, without sprinkling with earth. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted place. At a soil temperature of + 18 + 20 ° C, seedlings appear on days 14-21. In open ground, seedlings are planted after the end of spring frosts, keeping the distance between plants 45-60 cm. Watering is moderate, but in dry weather they are often watered and mulched with peat. Once every 7-10 days, they are fed with infusion of chicken manure and full mineral fertilizer. A support is required, around which the leaf stalks and pedicels will twist.

Roniv asariin Creeping snapdragon Sinipunavaula Lejongapsranka Antirrhinum asarina Maurandya barclaiana Азарина лазающая Asarina scandens Asarina semperflorens Usteria scandens Maurandia semperflorens Maurandia scandens

Eng.: Creeping snapdragon. Suom.: Sinipunavaula. Sven.: Lejongapsranka. Bot. syn.: Antirrhinum asarina L., Maurandya barclaiana Lindl.

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