•  Zinnia "Zahara strawberry"

Zinnia "Zahara strawberry"

Zinnia marylandica D.M. Spooner, Stimart & T. Boyle.
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Zinnia "Zakhara strawberry"

New, incredibly disease resistant and most heat resistant series. Feels good and does not lose its attractiveness even at + 40 ° C. The main distinguishing features: powerful branched stems with double inflorescences 5-6 cm in diameter, saturated shades resistant to fading, resistance to diseases and adverse growing conditions It blooms from late June until frost.

Zinnia marylandica Zahara Double Fire

Eng.: Zinnia marylandica. Suom.: Loistotsinnia. Sven.: Marylandzinnia. Bot.: Zinnia marylandica D.M. Spooner, Stimart & T. Boyle., Zinnia elegans × Zinnia angustifolia.

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