Allium fistulosum L.
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Welsh Onion "Freddy" - Allium fistulosum L..
Sowing time: May. 
Harvesting: July, August. 
Planting method: open ground. Plant spacing: 25-30 cm. Row spacing: 40 cm.
Perennial plant with high frost resistance. In one place it grows up to 3-5 years. In spring, it gives early greens, rich in vitamins.
An early ripe variety for salad purposes. The bulb is elongated, reduced, massive. The leaves are tender, juicy, do not coarse for a long time. The taste is semi-sharp.
The most fertile areas are chosen for onion cultivation. The best predecessors are cucumber, tomatoes and legumes. With perennial crops, the best time for sowing seeds is late April - early May, you can sow in summer (July-August). Sow in an ordinary way with a row spacing of 20-30 cm, and
between plants in a row 4-6 cm. Seeding depth - 1-2 cm. After thinning, the planting density should be 6-10 plants per 1 m2. Plant care consists in weeding, loosening, fertilizing and watering. It grows well in one place for 4-5 years. Young leaves are cut at a height of 5-7 cm from the ground 3-4 times during the growing season. After each cut, planting is fed and watered.

Eng.: Wintry green onion, Welsh Onion. Suom.: Pillisipuli, talvisipuli. Sven.: Salladspurjo. Bot.: Allium fistulosum L.

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