Cichorium silvestris L.
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Wild leaf chicory "Selvatica da Campo".
An all-season variety of wild chicory suitable for winter forcing.
The rosette of leaves is powerful, spreading, with strongly dissected bright green leaves, with a bitter taste. The bitterness is due to the high content of inulin, which stabilizes blood sugar levels. The roots are long. In winter, from root crops obtained in summer, bleached crispy and tender leaves are obtained in a dark room.
The value of the variety: high nutritional and medicinal properties that have a beneficial effect on the digestive and circulatory organs, cold resistance, suitability for multiple cutting during the season.
Recommended for eating the leaves both fresh and as a side dish (boiled, fried or baked).

Eng.: Wild chicory. Suom.: Sikuri. Sven.: Cikoria. Bot.: Cichorium silvestris L.


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