Pelargonium x hortorum
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Pelargonium zonale "White" F1 - Pelargonium x hortorum.
Great white-flowered hybrid!
Perennial Plant - can be grown as an indoor or garden annual. Forms a voluminous and compact bush 30-35 cm high. Simple large flowers are collected in huge caps of snow-white spherical inflorescences, up to 12 cm in diameter.
This series is specially designed for growing in pots. Differs in increased uniformity and extraordinary abundance of flowering.
Pelargonium is widely used in landscaping loggias, verandas, balconies, as well as to create bright compositions in the garden.
Plants are photophilous, but they can grow in partial shade, are relatively cold-hardy, drought-resistant and need light nutritious soils.
Seeds for seedlings are sown from January to September in loose light soil. The crops are covered with foil or glass and placed in a bright and warm place. At a temperature of + 20 + 21 ° C, seedlings appear on the 5-7th day. With a lack of light, the seedlings stretch out and die. They dive when 2-3 true leaves appear.
It can be planted in the garden from the end of May, when the threat of frost has passed.
Technological information.
Perennial. The number of seeds in 1 gram is 135 seeds.
When sowing with seeds, cover with 10 mm medium vermiculite.
The optimum temperature for seed germination is + 20 + 23 ° C, for plant growth + 18 ° C at night and + 21 + 24 ° C during the day.
When optimal conditions are created, seedlings appear in 10-20 days. Blooms in 10-12 weeks.

Eng.: Horseshoe pelargonium F1. Sven.: Zonalpelargon. Suom.: Pelargoni, pelakuu.

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