Citrullus lanatus L.
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The Crimson Sweet Watermelon was once considered to be the ideal in commercial watermelons and is still the parent of many modern production.
The variety was originated by Charles V. Hall of Kansas State University and came about by crossing together the varieties Miles, Peacock and Charleston Gray.
Crimson Sweet Watermelons were first introduced commercially on February 6th, 1963.
Crimson Sweet is a fine watermelon variety and produces a multitude of round, blocky shaped watermelons that average about 25 pounds in weight.
The variety is extremely adaptable and can be grown in most areas.
The watermelons are a light green in color with darker green stripes and possess a very finely textured sweet red flesh with a very high sugar content and small, dark brown seeds.
The variety has a thin, but durable rind and makes an excellent shipper. In fact, with its excellent shipping qualities, round shape, uniform size, smaller seeds, sweet taste and attractive red flesh, the Crimson Sweet Watermelon is one of the very finest open pollinated watermelons available despite its age.
Resistant to anthracnose and fusarium wilt. Matures in 67-82 days.

Citrullus lanatus Arbuus Crimson Sweet

Eng.: Watermelon. Suom.: Vesimeloni. Sven.: Vattenmelon. Bot.: Citrullus lanatus L.

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