Capsicum annuum L.
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An early ripe fruitful variety with purple-violet fruits, intended for growing in open ground and film greenhouses.
The plant is undersized (35-40 cm), suitable for cultivation in areas of risky farming under film shelters.
In biological ripeness, the fruits acquire an unusual dark purple color; after ripening, the color gradually changes to light brown.
Fruits are oval-conical in shape with a rounded top and thick walls (5-7 mm), weighing 90-120 g. The pulp is sweet, juicy, with a pleasant taste.
Recommended for fresh consumption, as a bright ingredient in salads and snacks.
Sowing: seeds are sown for seedlings in late February - early March. After the emergence of seedlings, the optimum temperature for growing seedlings during the day is +26 +28 ° С, and at night +18 + 22 ° С.
They dive in the phase of 1-2 true leaves. Two weeks before planting in the ground, you need to start hardening the seedlings.
In unheated greenhouses, seedlings are planted in May according to the 60 x 40 cm scheme, in open ground at the end of May - early June, when the threat of return frosts has passed, according to the 45 x 45 cm scheme.
Pepper prefers light, loose, neutral soil rich in organic matter.
Good predecessors: onions, carrots, pulses and kale.
Care: plants are demanding on soil moisture and low air humidity, so watering is carried out after sunset with warm water under the root. Pepper is responsive to the application of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers for better fruit setting and nitrogen fertilization during the entire growing season. For the development of the root system, regular loosening of the soil should be carried out. All lateral shoots and leaves on the main stem must be regularly removed before the first fork. Also remove the central flower on the plant, growing from the first branch, this will contribute to an increase in yield.

Engl.: Sweet pepper. Suom.: Vihannespaprika. Swed.: Paprika. Bot.: Capsicum annuum L.

Do you know what ... to ensure that you get a full-fledged crop of pepper in any weather whims in your climatic zone, plant different varieties of pepper: a little small-fruited, a little large-fruited, a little early, a little with an average ripening period. In this case, your crop will be protected from any vagaries of the weather!
This gives you a good opportunity to grow a wide variety of peppers in your garden!

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