• Vervain "Quartz Red" F1

Vervain "Quartz Red" F1

Verbena hybrida
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Hybrid vervain "Quartz Red" F1.
Annual plant. Height 25-35 cm. Diameter of inflorescences 5-7 cm.
Verbena hybrid is an excellent annual for group planting in flower beds, ridges, borders, growing in containers and balcony boxes. Compact plants with branched stems, on the tops of which lush umbellate inflorescences are formed, consisting of many fragrant flowers that look great in hanging compositions in combination with ampelous plants.
Verbena is unpretentious, tolerates temperature changes well, is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, and has an unusually long and abundant flowering.
Sowing: March-April for seedlings. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in a well-moistened napkin for 2 hours, then sowing is carried out to a depth of 0.5 cm, moistened, covered with glass or film and kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. After the appearance of the first true leaf, the seedlings dive into separate peat pots. In open ground, seedlings are planted in mid-May at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other.
Care: Verbena prefers fertile, loose, limed soil, sunny location, moderate watering (verbena does not tolerate excess moisture). Pinching the tops of plants, regularly removing wilted inflorescences, feeding every 4 weeks with a complex mineral fertilizer.
Flowering: from late June to frost.

Eng.: Vervain. Suom.: Rautayrtti. Sven.: Järnört.

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