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Vermiculite is a thermally processed pure clay mineral of natural origin,
able to absorb into itself 500 times a large mass of water (!). 
Ultra lightweight and sterile, no weed seeds.
Ideal for organic farming.
Vermiculite improves the structure of the soil for indoor plants, hanging vases and balcony boxes and increases its water-holding capacity. Suitable for adding to sowing soil, covering seed crops and rooting peels, as well as for winter storage of vegetables and flower bulbs.
By creating a favorable moisture and air regime in the soil, vermiculite reduces the risks caused by insufficient and excessive irrigation. Vermiculite must be mixed with soil in a 1: 1 ratio.
Attention! Not recommended for acidophilic plants that love acidic soils, since vermiculite increases the alkalinity of the soil, neutralizing increased acidity.

Vermiculite, Vemikuliit, Вермикулит


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