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Large fruit tomatoes
Tomat "Black Prince"
Tomato "Black Prince". Delicious and very popular variety from Siberia. Leader in yield ..
Tomato "African Queen"
Tomato "African Queen". ..
Tomato "Andreevsky Surprise"
Pink tomato "Andreevsky Surprise". Mid-season, large-fruited, high-yielding variety. The..
Tomato "Berdsky Krupny"
Tomato "Berdsky large". Medium early, large-fruited variety for open ground and film shel..
Tomato "Bezrazmerny" (Dimensionless)
Tomato "Dimensionless" (Bezrazmerny). Very large fruits. Mid-season variety with large f..
Tomato "Brandywine Yellow"
Tomato "Brandywine Yellow". Great collection variety, which, because of taste, is the mos..
Tomato "Buffalosteak" F1
TOMATO "Buffalosteak" F1 - Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Productive, popular, mid-se..
Tomato "Buffalosun" F1
Tomato "Buffalosun" F1. The pulp is tender, with a pleasant sweetish taste, contains a lo..
Tomato "Bugay Rozovy"
Tomato "Bugai Rozovy". Mighty Siberian. Mid-season, large-fruited variety. The plant is ..
Tomato "Bychje Serdce" (Bull Heart)
Tomato "Bull Heart". A popular variety of fleshy tomato from the treasury of world select..
Tomato "Faworyt"
Tomato "Faworyt" Large-fruited, mid-season variety of raspberry color. Fruits are flat-ro..
Eco seeds
Tomato "Faworyt"
Tomato "Faworyt". Very tasty, fleshy, with a thin skin. Large-fruited, mid-season variet..
Tomato "Homestead"
Tomato ''Homestead'' Late-ripening variety with large and fleshy fruits (up to 500 ..
Tomato "Inzhir Rozovy" ("Pink Fig")
Tomato "Inzhir Rozovy" ("Pink Fig"). Medium early variety with amazingly tasty ..
Tomato "Jantar"
TOMATO "JANTAR". Early tall variety. Fruits are slightly flat, fleshy, large, weighting a..
Tomato "Jergus" F1
Tomato "Jergus" F1. A mid-season indeterminate hybrid intended for cultivation both in gr..
Tomato "Lemon Boy" F1
Tomato F1 "Lemon Boy". Suitable for growing in greenhouse (glass or film covering). Shoul..
Tomato "Lion Heart"
Tomato "Lion Heart". The variety is early maturing, high-yielding and disease resistant. ..
Tomato "Malinovy Slon"
Tomato "Crimson Elephant". Mid-season (113-117 days from germination to fruiting), large-..
Tomato "Malinowy Ozarowski"
Tomato "Malinowy Ozarowski". Томат "Малиновый Ожаровский". Крупноплодный сор..
Tomato "Malinowy Rodeo"
Tomato "Malinowy Rodeo". Томат "Малиновое Родео" - это среднеспелый сорт..
Tomato "Orange Elephant"
Tomato "Orange Elephant" Mid-season (110-120 days from germination to fruiting), medium-s..
Tomato "Oxheart Orange"
Tomato "Cour di Bue Orange" ("Bulls Heart Orange"). Popular large-fruited varie..
Tomato "Oxheart"
Tomato "Bull heart" (Oxheart). Very tasty fleshy fruits of a popular variety of folk sele..
Tomato "Oxheart" (Härja Süda)
Tomato "Oxheart". Excellent indeterminant large-fruit variety for greenhouses in personal..
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