Ecological seeds
Dill type
Dill "Ambrozja"
Dill "Ambrozja". Mid-season bush variety of dill, for open and protected ground. The period from germination to technical maturity is 40-45 days. The plant is tall, sprawling, does not move to stem for a long time, which allows you to exte..
Dill "Aneto"
Dill "Aneto". Highly aromatic grade. An unpretentious annual plant whose leaves are used both fresh and dried. They are used to flavor salads, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. 1,0 g = 590-650 seeds. * Salted dill. Rinse the greens, d..
Dill "Bouquet"
Dill "Bouquet". Mid-season variety (the period from mass shoots to harvesting for herbs is 40-45 days, for spices - 75-85 days). The plant is highly leafy, powerful, 30-40 cm high. The leaves are large, green, with a slight waxy coating, j..
Dill "Common"
Dill "Common". Medium mature, fertile kind. Dill is one of the most popular seasoning and medical plants. Easy to grow, are tolerant to shade. If you want fresh dill all summer, sow every 10 days. 10 m2 of sowing space requires 20 g ..
Eco seeds
Dill "Common" (eko)
DILL "COMMON" (eco-seeds). Fertile dill variety, with green, aromatic fronds – for fresh consumption, freezing, drying. To have dill all season, we recommend to sow it from spring to autumn. After seeding, dill grows within 65–..
Dill "Compact"
Dill "Compact". Compact branching variety for windowshill growing. Sow repeatidly. Grown for fresh aromatic leaves. * Since ancient times, dill has been known as a protector of other vegetables from pests. Where dill grows, there is les..
Dill "Goldkrone"
Dill "Goldkrone" is a bunching variety that delivers lots of foliage. Slow to bloom. The tetraploid type with especially high yielding with dark leaves. How many seeds are in 1 gram of dill: 1,0 g = 590-650 pieces. ..
Dill "Hanak"
Dill "Hanak". A hibernating variety, resistent to frost-heaving, fit for early harvest at the end of May and in June. The loaf is of round shape to elongated round, closed, medium strong, fit for direct consumption. Both for forcing and fo..
Dill "Hanak"
Dill "Hanak" - Anethum graveolens L. Medium early grade. The period from full germination to harvesting for greens is 35-53 days, for spices 56-99 days. The rosette is large, semi-spreading, strongly leafy. The plant is of medium height, l..
Dill "Herkules"
Dill "Hercules" - Anethum graveolens. Medium early variety (until tender: 40-45 days, before flowering: 65-70 days). Agrotechnics: Dill is a cold-resistant, light-loving plant. Prefers fertile, moist soils. Sowing: from mid-March t..
Dill "Kurland" F1
Dill "Kurland" F1. Mid-season variety of low bush dill. The rosette of leaves is raised. The plant has vigorous growth. The leaf is large, strongly dissected, green. Very responsive to regular watering. Eng.: Dill. Sven.: Bladd..
Dill "Lena"
Dill "Lena". Dwarf, fragrant variety producing deep green foliage. Small, fragrant, savoury leaves are used for food. Slow to grow and bolt, produces thick leaflets. Suitable for growing in pots for early spring harvesting. When grown out..
Dill "Mammoth"
Dill "Mammoth". Fragrant, large leaf! Mid-season variety (from germination to harvesting for greens 38-42 days, for spices - 86 days). The plant is compact, abundant, up to 100 cm high in the flowering phase. The rosette of leaves is powe..
Dill "Monarch"
Dill "MONARCH". For field growing very dense foliage, dark blue-green leaves highly resistant to bolting. Vegetation period 75–85 days.   ..
Dill "Moravan"
Dill "MORAVAN". Highly aromatic late ripening variety (70-80 days from sowing). This variety is especially suitable for field growing. It has rather thick foliage. It is highly resistant to flowering, which extends the harvest period. It..
Dill "Smaragd"
Dill "Smaragd". Medium early variety. How much seeds in 1 g of dill : 590-650 pc. Eng.: Dill. Suom.: Tilli. Sven.: Bladdill. ..
Dill "Sprinter"
Dill "Sprinter". Early maturing (30-35 days from germination to harvesting greens, 70-80 days from germination to harvesting with spices) variety. Designed for growing for herbs and spices. The rosette is large, raised, 25-30 cm high. The ..
Dill "Superdukat"
Dill "Superdukat". Medium early variety. Semi-spreading rosette, with 7-9 large leaves, 33-37 cm high. Green leaves with a slight waxy coating. Seed bush up to 134-145 cm high. The formation of stems and umbrellas is slow. The variety ha..
Dill "Tetra"
Dill "Tetra" Late-ripening variety (70-104 days). Plant height up to 145 cm with a dense and large leaf. ..
Dill "Thalia"
Dill "Thalia". Slow-bolting dill for bunching and leaf harvest. ..
Dill "Turkus"
Dill "Turkus". A super-aromatic variety with an excellent, refreshing taste! Early ripening: from full germination to harvesting for greens, it takes 25-35 days. The plant is compact, 90-105 cm high, with basal rosettes at the base of the..
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Dill "Turkus"
Dill "Turkus". A super-aromatic variety with an excellent, refreshing taste! Early ripening: from full germination to harvesting for greens, it takes 25-35 days. The plant is compact, 90-105 cm high, with basal rosettes at the base of th..
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