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 Fragrant purple basil
Fragrant purple basil. Basil variety with red leaves and strong aroma. Loves warmth and sunlight. ..
Basil "A Foglie di Lattuga"
Sweet basil "A Foglie di Lattuga". Early ripening variety (period from germination to t..
Basil "A Palla Verde Scuro"
Basil "A Palla Verde Scuro". Medium early grade. The plant is compact, 30-35 cm high, wit..
Basil "Cinamonette"
Sweet basil "Cinamonette". Базилик "Цинамонетте". Среднеспелый (70-75 дней) ..
Basil "Compact"
Sweet Basil "Compact" - Ocimum basilicum L. Базилик горшечный "Компакт" ..
Basil "Fine Nano Compatto a Palla"
Dwarf sweet basil "Fine Nano Compatto a Palla" - Ocimum americanum L. Strongly leafy, com..
Basil "Largo Dolce Per Vasi"
Sweet basil "Largo Dolce Per Vasi". Compact salad form with unsurpassed aroma and spicy..
Basil "Lettuce Leaf"
Green Basil "Lettuce Leaf". Базилик зелёный "Салатный лист". Базилик обл..
Basil "Purple Ruffles"
Violet Basil "Purple Ruffles". Eng.: Sweet basil. Suom.: Basilika. Sven.: Basilika...
Basil "Red Rubin"
Basil "Red Rubin". Базилик "Красный Рубин". Среднеспелый (70-75 дней) сорт. ..
Basil "Violetto Aromatico" (Dark Opal)
Sweet basil "Dark Opal" (Violetto Aromatico). Medium early grade. The plant is semi-sprea..
Basil ''Bolloso Napoletano''
Sweet basil ''Bolloso Napoletano''. A must-have for spaghetti! Mid-season variety. ..
Basil ''Verde a Piccole Foglie" (small leaves)
Basil ''Verde a Piccole Foglie" with small leaves. A fragrant, small-leaved varie..
Basil ''Italiano classico Tigullio"
Sweet basil ''Italiano classico Tigullio''. Medium early grade. The plant is 3..
Lemon basil
Lemon basil. An early ripe variety of basil with a bright lemon-mint aroma: the period from full sp..
Eco seeds
Sweet basil "Aromatico della riviera ligure"
Sweet basil "Aromatico della riviera ligure" Highly aromatic grade. The plant is erect, s..
Sweet basil "Cinnamon" (Alla Canella)
Sweet basil "Alla Canella" (Cinnamon). Hardy Annual Herb.  Height: 14-16 inche..
Eco seeds
Sweet basil "Dark Opal"
Violet sweet basil "Dark Opal". Great spice. The leaves are purple, shiny, with a pleasan..
Sweet basil "Greco a Palla" (compact)
Sweet basil "Greco a Palla" (for pots and containers). Highly aromatic. Mid-season and ..
Eco seeds
Sweet basil "Italiano classico" (Genovese)
Sweet basil "Italiano classico" (Genovese). The plant is 35-40 cm high. The leaves are gr..
Sweet basil "Italiano classico" (Genovese)
Базилик "Итальяно классико". Растение высотой 35-40 см. Листья зелёного цвета, с пр..
Sweet basil "Karlik"
Базилик "Карлик". Раннеспелый. Растение полуприподнятое высотой 20-25 см. Лист среднего р..
Sweet basil "Lime"
Sweet basil "Lime".   Новый аромат в семействе базиликов – теперь с неповтори..
Sweet basil "Mammolo Genovese"
Genovese basil "Mammolo". Базилик "Mammolo Genovese". Cалатный базилик с пов..
Sweet basil "Purple Opaal"
Sweet basil "Purple Opaal". Базилик "Пурпурный Опал". Растение полукруглое..
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