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Redish, Turnip
Daikon "Agata" (summer radish)
Summer radish "Agata" (daikon). Early maturing variety. Ripens in 50-60 days after sowing..
Oriental Radish "Japana" F1
Oriental Radish "Japana" F1. Японская редька "Japana" F1 (дайкон). Агротехни..
Radish "Birra di Monaco"
Radish "Birra di Monaco". Medium early (50-55 days) grade. Root crops are large, elongate..
Radish "Red Meat"
Radish "Red Meat" with green and white skinned tennis ball sized roots have an inner ..
Radish white "Acord"
White Radish "Acord". Early summer radish cultivar resistant to blossom. Grow within 55-6..
Summer radish "Agata"
Редька летняя "Агата". Раннеспелый сорт. Созревает через 50-60-й дней после посева. Корне..
Swede "Gowrie"
Swedish turnip "Gowrie". This variety is intended for immediate consumption as well as st..
Swede "Magres"
Swedish turnip ''Magres''. Брюква "Магрес"(Magres) Жёлтомясый сор..
Swedish turnip "Giallo"
Swede "Giallo". Early ripe variety (80-90 days from germination). Root crops are oval, y..
Swedish turnip "Globus"
Rutabaga "Globus". Mid-season (from germination to harvesting 110-130 days) variety...
Turneps "Des Vertus Marteau"
TURNIP "DES VERTUS MARTEAU". Early variety. Grow within 40 days after germination. Roots ..
Turnip "Amelie" F1
White turnip "Amelie" F1. 1 gram = 500 seeds Рецепты: Борщ с репой. В приготовленный..
Turnip "Bianca Lodigiana"
Turnip "Bianca Lodigiana". Early ripe (60-70 days from germination to technical ripeness)..
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola"
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola". A 19th century Italian heirloom which is quick m..
Turnip "Di Milano a Colletto Viola"
Turnip "Di Milano a Colletto Viola". Early (from germination to harvesting 50-60 day..
Turnip "Goldana"
Turnip "Goldana". 1 gramm = 500 seeds Репа "Голдана". Среднеспелый сорт..
Turnip "Golden Ball"
Turnip "Golden Ball". Cold-resistant variety. Mid-early: the period from germination to ..
Turnip "Mezza Lunga Bianca Colletto Viola"
Turnip "Mezza Lunga Bianca Colletto Viola". Medium early (65-70 days) grade. The rosette ..
Turnip "Norfolk a coletto viola"
Turnip "Norfolk a coletto viola". Medium early (from germination to harvest 55-65 days) v..
Turnip "Oasis" F1
White Turnip "Oasis" F1 - very easy to grow. 50 days. Sow it in summer and when it emegre..
Turnip "Palla di Neve"
White turnip "Palla di Neve". Early variety: the period from germination to technical rip..
Turnip "Petrowski"
Turnip "Petrowski". Репа "Петровская 1". Самая вкусная !  Хорошо хранит..
Turnip "Platte Witte Mei"
White Turnip "Platte Witte Mei". One of the earliest turnip varieties. Roots and flesh ar..
Eco seeds
Turnip "Purple Top Milan"
Turnip "Purple Top Milan". Early ripening variety (growing season 50-60 days). Root crops..
Turnip "Purple Top White Globe"
Turnip "Purple Top White Globe" A medium-earliness kind. This is a variety undemanding of..
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