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Daikon "Agata" (summer radish)
Summer radish "Agata" (daikon). Early maturing variety. Ripens in 50-60 days after sowing. Root crops are long, large, white, of delicate taste, do not outgrow for a long time. Suitable for fresh consumption and for long-term storage. The..
Oriental Radish "Japana" F1
Oriental Radish "Japana" F1.   Daikon is an unpretentious plant and can grow on different types of soil, but it gives the highest yield on light, fertile soils. Preparation of the soil for cultivation should begin in early spring..
Oriental radish "Jarola" F1
Oriental radish "Jarola" F1. Редька японская (дайкон) "Ярола" F1. Ранний гибрид редьки, предназначенный для всесезонного выращивания. Корнеплоды выровненные, удлинённо-конической формы, длиной 25-30 см. Поверхность корнеплода..
Oriental radish "Mino Early"
Oriental radish "Mino Early". Suitable for long-term storage. An early ripening variety (from full sprouting to the beginning of technical ripeness 55-60 days). The root crop is elongated-cylindrical, with a smooth surface, white, 40-50 ..
Oriental radish "Minowase Summer Cross" F1
Oriental radish "Minowase Summer Cross" F1 (daikon) - Raphanus sativus L. subsp. acanthiformis. Dietary product. Does not contain mustard oils. Mid-season hybrid variety: from germination to technical maturity 50–60 days. ..
Radish "Birra di Monaco"
Radish "Birra di Monaco". Medium early (50-55 days) grade. Root crops are large, elongated-oval, white, weighing 300-450 g. The flesh is white, dense, juicy, slightly sharp. Taste and dietary qualities are high. Productivity 4-4.5 kg / m&s..
Radish "Karmina"
Red long radish "Karmina". An early summer variety easy to grow. The bulbs are conic-shaped with carmine-red skin. The flash is white of enjoyable flavour. This variety is suitable for direct consumption.. * Number of seeds in 1 g = 70-1..
Radish "Lutea"
Редька "Лутеа". Раннеспелый сорт летней редьки, предназначенный для употребления в свежем виде.  Корнеплод удлинённо-конической формы, жёлтый, длиной около 20 см, с белой мякотью слабо-острого вкуса. Высевают в конце июня–начал..
Radish "Red Meat"
Radish "Red Meat" with green and white skinned tennis ball sized roots have an inner core of bright magenta. The flesh is crisp, sweet, slightly nutty with a touch of "heat" only in the outer white flesh. Perfect for salads, ..
Radish white "Acord"
White Radish "Acord". Early summer radish cultivar resistant to blossom. Grow within 55-65 days after seeding. Root crops are round, large, white, mild flavour; do not overgrow for a long time. Suitable for fresh use and short storage. Gr..
Summer radish "Agata"
Редька летняя "Агата". Раннеспелый сорт. Созревает через 50-60-й дней после посева. Корнеплоды длинные, крупные, белые, нежного вкуса, долго не перерастают. Пригодны для употребления как в свежем виде, так и для длительного хранения. В 1 ..
Swede "Gowrie"
Swedish turnip "Gowrie". This variety is intended for immediate consumption as well as storage. It is resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. The bulbs are round, red on top and have yellow flesh which has a delicious taste. Sow in April. The ..
Swede "Magres"
Swedish turnip ''Magres''. Брюква "Магрес"(Magres) Жёлтомясый сорт,назначенный для прямого потребления и хранения. Пригодный к стерилизации и варке.   Eng.: Swedish turnip, Swede. Suom.: Lanttu. Sven.: K&..
Swedish turnip "Giallo" (rutabaga)
Rutabaga "Giallo". Grows well in cold climates. Early ripe variety (80-90 days from germination). Root crops are oval, yellowish-greenish, weighing 300-350 g and 8-15 cm in diameter. The pulp is dense, creamy-yellow, sweet. The var..
Swedish turnip "Globus"
Rutabaga "Globus". Mid-season (from germination to harvesting 110-130 days) variety. The root crop is round-oval, light yellow, with a gray-green head, weighing up to 500 g, with a creamy yellow, dense, juicy pulp, good taste. Брюк..
Swedish turnip "Wilhelmsburger sator Otofte"
Rutabaga "Wilhelmsburger sator Otofte". Брюква "Вильгельмсбургер Сатор Отофте" (Брюква Вильгельмсбургская). Сорт среднеранний (90-110 дней), высокоурожайный, изумительно подходящий для долгосрочного хранения.  ..
Turneps "Des Vertus Marteau"
TURNIP "DES VERTUS MARTEAU". Early variety. Grow within 40 days after germination. Roots are elongated, white. White, crispy, juicy flesh, mild taste. Sown directly to the soil from late March until mid-June. Seedlings are tolerant to fros..
Turnip "Amelie" F1
White turnip "Amelie" F1. 1 gram = 500 seeds Рецепты: Борщ с репой. В приготовленный костный бульон добавить, нарезанные брусочками, картофель и репу, варить до полуготовности. За 10 мин до окончания варки добавить отваренную и нашинк..
Turnip "Bianca Lodigiana"
Turnip "Bianca Lodigiana". Early ripe (60-70 days from germination to technical ripeness) variety. The root crop is flat-round, fleshy, white, weighing up to 200 g. The pulp is tender, whitish, very juicy. The variety has a high taste. Rec..
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola"
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola". A 19th century Italian heirloom which is quick maturing and well suited for cooler climes. The medium-sized roots, with a sweet and mild flavour are very flat with a bright purple top and a white ba..
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola"
Turnip "Di Milano a Coletto Viola". Sweeter than everyone! Early ripening variety (growing season 50-60 days) of Italian selection, known since the beginning of the 19th century. Root crops are round-flat, smooth skin with a bright ..
Turnip "Di Milano a Colletto Viola"
Turnip "Di Milano a Colletto Viola". Early (from germination to harvesting 50-60 days) variety for growing in open and protected ground. Root crops are round, white with a purple-pink top, weighing 80-100 g, 8-12 cm in diameter. The..
Turnip "Goldana"
Turnip "Goldana". 1 gramm = 500 seeds Репа "Голдана". Среднеспелый сорт: период от полных всходов до начала технической спелости 65-70 дней. Корнеплод округлый, жёлтый, гладкий, с тонкой кожицей. Мякоть золотисто-жёлтая,..
Eco seeds
Turnip "Goldana"
Turnip "Goldana". 1 gramm = 500 seeds Mid-season variety: the period from full germination to the beginning of technical ripeness is 65-70 days. The root crop is round, yellow, smooth, with a thin skin. The pulp is golden yellow, juicy, t..
Turnip "Golden Ball"
Turnip "Golden Ball". Cold-resistant variety. Mid-early: the period from germination to harvesting 70-80 days. The root crop is round, yellow. The skin is thin, delicate, smooth. The pulp is firm, very juicy. Recommended for fresh consum..
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