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Ecological seeds
Marrow (Squash)
Courgette "Baby Spaghetti" F1
Courgette "Baby Spaghetti" F1. An interesting variety of zucchini, the internal structure of the fruit of which is fibrous. In order to obtain the "spaghetti" effect, the courgettes are harvested after they turn yellow (approxima..
Courgette "Black Beauty"
Courgette "Black Beauty" Кабачок-цуккини "Чёрный красавец". Среднеранний, тонкокорый. Урожай – до 10 кг с куста. Среднеранний (50-55 дней) сорт кабачка-цуккини. Растение компактное, кустовое. Лист среднего разм..
Courgette "Gold Rush" F1
Marrow GOLD RUSH F1. Mid-season variety. The plant is erect and fairly spreading. Fruits are cylindrical, faceted, yellow in color, 18-20 cm long. Sowing in May in protected ground for growing seedlings or in open ground in early June, after the end..
Courgette "Jigonal"
Courgette "Jigonal". High-yield variety of bush-like courgette with regular dark green fruits. The plant does not branch, has bush-like habitus and an abundant stock of fruits that must be regularly harvested. Кабачок-цуккини "Джиг..
Courgette "Kveta"
Squash "Kveta". An early variety of a very fine pumpkin. The fruits are cylindrical. During the consumer ripeness is the flesh of white-green colour. The fruits are suitable for direct consumption. * Number of seeds in 1 g = 7-8. Кабач..
Eco seeds
Courgette "Nero di Milano"
Courgette "Nero di Milano" (zucchini). An organic variety with very dark skin that looks almost black. Approximate number of seeds - 30 pcs. Zucchini is an early ripening culture. It is best to grow it through seedlings. Seeds are sown..
Courgette "Nero di Milano"
Courgette "Nero di Milano". An organic variety with very dark skin that looks almost black. Approximate number of seeds - 30 pcs. * Zucchini is an early ripening culture. It is better to grow it through seedlings. Seeds are sown in ope..
Courgette "Nero di Milano"
Courgette "Nero di Milano" (zucchini) - Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas. An organic variety with very dark skin that looks almost black. Approximate number of seeds - 30 pcs. Zucchini is an early ripening culture. It is best to grow ..
Courgette "Poseidon" F1
Courgette "Poseidon" F1. The variety is early, the growing season is about 60 days before the first harvest. Zucchini with a medium-high bush and beautiful cylindrical club-shaped fruits. The optimum fruit size for harvesting is 18 -..
Courgette "Soraya"
Courgette "Soraya". Medium-early bushy variety. Fruits are cylindrical, up to 20-60 cm long, green colour. Demanding for heat and humidity. Used fresh, can be fried, steamed, canned. Grow well in fertile, manured with organic fertilizers, ..
Courgette "Vegetable Spaghetti"
Courgette zucchini "Vegetable Spaghetti". Plants are bushy, grow along the trailing stem. Begin harvesting in 90 days after germination. Oval fruits, yellow peel and flesh. Flesh contains lots of fibers. Fruits have a mild taste; good for ..
Courgette "Zloty Cepelin"
Courgette  "Zloty Cepelin". Early, fertile variety. Fruit cylindrical, smooth. The more often the fruits are harvested, the more harvest there is. Plants are demanding for heat and humidity. Sown after danger of frost, when the soil i..
Courgette Zucchini "Ambassador" F1
Zucchini "Ambassador" F1. A very productive zucchini hybrid. Bush plant, medium vigor. Fruits are cylindrical, smooth, dark green in color, on average about 20 cm long. They do not tend to overgrow quickly. Shrub of medium size, erect. Ex..
Courgette Zucchini "Astra Polka"
Courgette Zucchini "Astra Polka". High-yielding, early ripening variety. The plant has a bushy shape, forms cylindrical fruits, weighing up to 2.0 kg, dark green with white spot, glossy. The pulp is light, crispy, very sweet and juicy. Fru..
Courgette zucchini "Coloured Mix"
Courgette zucchini Colour Mix: Green - "Startgreen" F1 (4 s.) Yellow - "Goldena" (4 s.) White - "Betka" F1 (4 s.). Eng.: Courgette Zucchini (mix). Suom.: Kesäkurpitsa. Sven.: Squash grön.Bot.:Cucurbita ..
Courgette Zucchini "Di Nizza"
Кабачок "Ди Ницца". Сорт отличается оригинальной формой и великолепным вкусом. Период от всходов до начала плодоношения 50-55 дней. Плод круглый, у основания слаборебристый. Окраска зелёная с мелкими светло-зелёными точками. Рекомендуется..
Courgette Zucchini "Duo mix"
Courgette Zucchini Duo mix: "Tondo di Piacenza" + "Gold Ball" (50%+50%). Medium varieties (55-60 days) round-type zucchini with a fruit weight of 400-800 g. Color: dark green and yellow. Кабачок-цуккини "Дуо микс&q..
Courgette Zucchini "Gambit" F1
Кабачок-цуккини "Гамбит" F1. Очень продуктивный гибрид кабачка-цуккини. Растение кустовое, средней силой роста. Формирует выровненные прямые плоды блестящего тёмно-зелёного цвета с небольшим рубчиком от цветка, длиной 15-25 см. Отличные вк..
Courgette Zucchini "Goldena"
Courgette "Goldena". Bushy variety. Fruits are cylindrical, up to 20-60 cm long, yellow colour. Grow best in fertile, manured with organic fertilizers, sunny soil. Courgette is a heat loving vegetable, therefore it is sown, when the soil ..
Courgette Zucchini "Green Tiger" F1
Courgette "Green Tiger" F1. Very early, shrub type hybrid resistant to disease. Extended harvesting period. Vegetation period is 55 days. Fruits are suitable for preserving, frying, steaming, stuffing. For early harvest, recommended to gro..
Courgette Zucchini "Nefertiti"
Courgette Zucchini "Nefertiti" The plant is bushy, lush, with medium branching and cylindrical fruits. The leaves have a characteristic marble pattern. Young fruits are green to dark green in color, without a pattern, while ripe fruits ar..
Courgette zucchini "Orelia" F1
Courgette zucchini "Orelia" F1. Кабачок-цуккини "Орелия" F1. Кустовой гибрид кабачка, формирующий многочисленные золотисто-жёлтые плоды длиной 12-18 см. * Чем отличаются кабачки-цукини от обычных кабачков ? 1. Размер. Каб..
Courgette Zucchini "Striato di Napoli"
Агротехника. Для кабачка наиболее пригодны лёгкие, плодородные, с низким залеганием грунтовых вод почвы, он не переносит кислых почв. Лучшие предшественники - ранние овощи, лук, корнеплоды, томат, картофель. Участок перед посадкой перекапывают и удо..
Courgette zucchini "Wanda"
Кабачок-цуккини "Ванда". Раннеспелый сорт деликатесного кабачка цилиндрической формы и зеленовато-белой окраской. Масса плода достигает 1,5 кг. Мякоть сочная, желтовато-белой окраски. Вегетационный период составляет около 70 дней. * И..
Crookneck "Tromba d Albenga"
Crookneck "Tromba d Albenga" - Cucurbita moschata Duch. ex Pior. Long, intricately twisted fruit: delicious and aromatic, with bright yellow flesh and a very small seed nest. It can be stored for more than a year without losing quali..
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