Ecological seeds
Onion type
Bunching onion "Bajkal"
Bunching onion "Bajkal" - Allium fistulosum. A variety of perennial onion intended for ha..
Bunching onion "Duo mix"
Bunching onion "Duo mix" for spring harvest and bunching: "Elista" + "Rossa..
Bunching onion "Gerda" (Welsh Onion)
Wintry green onion "GERDA" - Allium fistulosum L. Excellent quality for cutting and ..
Bunching onion "Kaj"
Bunching Onion "KAJ" (SMCS03). A SEMO variety that is both early and vigorous. Single sta..
Bunching onion "Snow Queen" F1
Wintry green onion "Snow Queen" F1. A long lasting onion, cultivated for its top use..
Chinese Chives
Лук душистый (100-120 дней от посева до срезки зелени), зимостойкий многолетний лук. Листья тёмно-з..
Chive "Erecta"
Лук-шнитт "Эректа" - Allium schoenoprasum L. Сорт с более нежным, чем у остальных вкусом ..
Chive "Jemna"
Onions on greens "Jemna" (Chives). Cold-resistant plant. The leaves are juicy, large, cov..
Chive "Wulkan"
Chive "Wulkan" - Allium schoenoprasum L. Very profilic. This is an early variety which i..
Chives "Bohemia"
Chives "Bohemia". Early variety both for forcing and field growing. Fairly wide, medium ..
Chives "Medium leaf"
Chive "Medium leaf". This is an early variety which is intended for forcing as well as fi..
Chives "Praga"
Chives "Praga" - Allium schoenoprasum L. This is an early variety which is intended for f..
European leek "Carentan 3"
Winter garden leek "Carentan 3". The variety is late ripening (period from germination to..
Eco seeds
European leek "De Carentan 3"
Garden leek winter "De Carentan 3". The variety is late ripening (period from germination..
European leek "Di Delft" (for overwintering)
European winter leek "Di Delft". High-yielding late ripening (period from germination to ..
European leek "Gigante d Inverno"
Garden Leek "Gigante de Inverno" - Allium porrum L. Grown to obtain a bleached stem ..
Garden Leek "Bartek"
European Leek "Bartek" (Garden leek). Лук-порей "Бартек" - Allium po..
Garden leek "Bystrin" F1
European leek "Bystrin" F1 (for summer harvest) - Allium porrum L. A leek with ..
Garden Leek "Columbus"
Garden Leek "Columbus" (Zwitserse Reuzen). Лук порей (летний).  Порей когда-то бы..
Eco seeds
Garden Leek "Gigante de Inverno 2"
Garden Leek "Gigante de Inverno 2". The "stalk" shape is cylindrical, 3-4 cm in..
Garden leek "Juhas"
European leek "Juhas". Лук порей "Юхас". Среднеранний (126-146 дней) со..
Garden leek "Kampus"
European leek "Kampus". A late leek variety for autumn harvest, grows best in a fert..
Garden leek "Odrin" F1 (for overwintering)
EUROPEAN LEEK “Odrin” F1 - Allium porrum L. A winter variety with superior cold to..
Garden Leek "Starozagorski Kamus"
Garden Leek "Starozagorski Kamus". A rapidly growing variety intended for summer and au..
Garden leek "Tango"
European Leek "Tango" - Allium porrum. Лук порей "Танго". Великолепный ..
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