Ecological seeds
Lettuce - color
Lettuce - shape
Butterhead lettuce "Trocadero"
Lettuce "Trocadero". An early variety of head lettuce that changes color under diffe..
Cos lettuce "Galander"
Cos Lettuce "Galander". Medium early Roman lettuce variety. Grow within 65-75 days after ..
Cos lettuce "Galander"
Cos lettuce "Galander". Римский салат (Кос-салат, Ромэн) "Галандэр" - La..
Cos lettuce "Globus"
Cos lettuce "Globus". Салат римский "Globus" - Lactuca sativa var. capitata. ..
Head lettuce "Adinal"
Head lettuce "ADINAL". Салат кочанный "Адинал" (маслянистый). Сорт среднеран..
Head lettuce "All the Year Round"
Lettuce "All the Year Round". Leaf lettuce variety, otherwise known as the "butterhe..
Head lettuce "Amur"
This is a winter variety which is intended for early field harvesting. It is a medium-large plant wi..
Head lettuce "Brasiliana"
Head lettuce "Brasiliana" - Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata. Mid-season (65-70 day..
Head lettuce "Cervanek"
Head lettuce "Cervanek". Салат "Cervanek". Среднеспелый (50-69 дней) сорт дл..
Head lettuce "Justine"
Head lettuce "Justine". Салат кочанный "Юстине". АГРОТЕХНИКА. Лучшие предше..
Head lettuce "Panter"
Head lettuce "Panter". Салат кочанный "Пантер". Среднеранний сорт салата-лат..
Head lettuce "Regina di Maggio" (May Queen)
Head ice lettuce "May Queen" ("Regina di Maggio") - Lactuca sativ..
Head lettuce "S. Anna"
Lettuce "S. Anna".  Medium-late variety intended for all year round field growi..
Head lettuce "Safir"
Head lettuce "Safir". Variety for spring forcing in greenhouses and unheated plastic shel..
Head lettuce "Unicum"
Head lettuce "Unicum" - Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata. Medium late variety (75-95 days ..
Head lettuce "Humil"
Winter butterhead lettuce "Humil". This is a winter variety which is intended f..
Eco seeds
Ice head lettuce "Regina di Maggio"
Head ice lettuce "Regina di Maggio"- Lactuca sativa L. Medium-early fertil..
Ice lettuce "Frillice"
Ice lettuce "Frillice". Crispy iceberg lettuce that does not form a head of cabbage. The ..
Iceberg lettuce "Expression"
Iceberg lettuce "Expression". Салат кочанный "Экспрессия" (ледовый). Среднес..
Iceberg lettuce "Frillice"
Lettuce "Frillice". "Iceberg" type crunchy salad, not forming the head (!). La..
Iceberg lettuce "Grand Rapids"
Iceberg lettuce "Grand Rapids". Sow in fertile, water permeable soil in April, May. Plant..
Iceberg lettuce "Ledano"
Butterhead lettuce "Ledano". Салат "Ледано". Очень ранний сорт кочанног..
Iceberg lettuce "Maximo"
Салат хрустящий "Максимо" (сортотип "Айсберг"). Салат качанный, ледяной.пригоде..
Iceberg lettuce "Miniko"
Iceberg lettuce "Miniko" - variety forming smaller heads. Used especially for spring and a..
Iceberg-lettuce "Prazan"
Iceberg-Lettuce "Pražan". This is a type of frost summer lettuce, suitable for direct sow..
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