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Cucumbers - length
Parthenocarpic cucumbers
Cucumber "Berlioz" F1
Picklings cucumbers "Berlioz" F1.  A very early, self-pollinating (parthenocarpic), ..
Cucumber "Corveta" F1
Pickling сucumber "CORVETA" F1. Early hybrid. Dark green fruits with large warts an..
Cucumber "Dafne" F1
Spined (American) type - parthenocarpic cucumber "DAFNE" F1. New spined parthenocarpic hy..
Cucumber "Dalila" F1
Pickling cucumber - "DALILA" F1. A mid-early, high-yielding hybrid variety with..
Cucumber "Dirigent" F1
Cucumber F1 "Dirigent".  Self-fruitable hybrid, resistant to marquetry virus and mil..
Cucumber "Dolomit" F1
Cucumber "Dolomit" F1. Огурец "Доломит" F1. Ранний и высокопродуктивный гибр..
Cucumber "Elisabet" F1
Cucumber "ELISABET" F1 (Smooth type - parthenocarpic). This parthenocarpic variety is str..
Cucumber "Fantasy" F1
Cucumber "Fantasy" F1. An early ripe parthenocarpic hybrid of the gherkin type, intended ..
Cucumber "Fatima" F1
Pickling cucumber "Fatima" F1. Огурец-корнишон "Фатима" F1. * Самый распро..
Cucumber "Formule" F1
Parthenocarp salad cucumber "Formule" F1. An early and very high yielding Beit Alpha part..
Cucumber "Harriet" F1
Pickling cucumber "Harriet" F1. Mid-early parthenocarpic hybrid of the "Dutch" ..
Cucumber "Karlos" F1
Pickling cucumber "KARLOS" F1. Early, yielding cornichone-type parthenocarpic h..
Cucumber "Kybria" F1
Parthenocarpic gherkin "Kybria" F1. Early, fertile, multi-fruit, self-polinating cucumber..
Cucumber "Lizst" F1
Gherkin "Lizst" F1. Ideal cucumber for pickling. Short parthenocarpic cucumber for marin..
Cucumber "Merengue" F1
Cornichone-type gherkin "Merengue" F1. Very early self-pollinating hybrid. Vegetation per..
Cucumber "Minisprint" F1
Salad cucumber "MINISPRINT" F1 (BEITH ALPHA type). Parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor pr..
Cucumber "Orfeus" F1
Pickling-cucumber "ORFEUS" F1. An early to mid-early parthenocarpic hybrid variety. Plant..
Cucumber "Pasalimo" F1
Gherkin "Pasalimo" F1. Early ripe hybrid: the period from germination to the beginning of..
Cucumber "Pasamonte" F1
Cucumber "Pasamonte" F1. Early harvest, high disease resistance! Early maturing Dutch hy..
Cucumber "Pony" F1
CUCUMBER "PONY" F1. Very early, high yielding, "mini salad" type self-pollinati..
Cucumber "Puccini" F1
Cucumber "Puccini" F1. Mid-early (40 days from germination), parthenocarpic, bush hybrid ..
Cucumber "Superstar" F1
Cucumber "SUPERSTAR" F1 - LONG TYPE parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor production. 100% f..
Cucumber "Tolstoj" F1
Cucumber for greenhouse "TOLSTOJ" F1. Early parthenocarpic hybrid of american type. Dark..
Cucumber "Tribute" F1
Cucumber "TRIBUTE" F1. Early parthenocarpic variety with medium plant vigour, producing h..
Cucumber "Twenty" F1
Greenhouse-cucumber "TWENTY" F1. An early parthenocarpic, hybrid variety with mainly fema..
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