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Cucumber (bee-pollinated)
Cucumber "Aladyn" F1
GHERKIN ALADYN F1 - Cucumis sativus. "ALADYN" is a hybrid kind. It can be grown outdoor and in greenhouses. Grows best in soil which is protected from strong winds with no weed around. An early kind. The fruit is small, green, covered..
Cucumber "Altaj" F1
Warty cucumber "ALTAJ" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Early fertile gherkin hybrid. Good fertility even under unfavourable weather conditions. Fruit is light green, with large rare bumps, not bitter. Grown outdoors. Resistant to powdery mild..
Cucumber "Andrus" F1
Gherkin "Andrus" F1. A hybrid variety for open field cultivation. Fruit are of a regular shape, 8-10 cm long, with medium size papillas. Can be used fresh, canned or soured. Gherkins should not be planted in the same place until 2-3 y..
Cucumber "Atomic" F1
Gherkin "Atomic" F1. Universal outdoor hybrid. Vegetation period 62 days after sowing. Огурец "Атомик" F1. Среднеранний (62 дня от посева до начала плодоношения), пчёлоопыляемый гибрид для открытого и защищённого гр..
Cucumber "Bohemia" F1
Pickling cucumber "BOHEMIA" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Early, high yielding hybrid. Fruits of excellent quality, with large bumps, delicious, not bitter. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, cucurbit downy mildew, cladosporosis. Grows bes..
Cucumber "Caruso" F1
Greenhouse salad cucumber "Caruso" F1. Semi-long hybrid for salad purposes. Resistance: CCu (cucumber scab), CMV (cucumber mosaic virus). Purpose: for fresh consumption and canning Recommended for growing in plastic greenhouses with a g..
Cucumber "Charlotte" F1
Pickling cucumber "Charlotte" F1 - Smooth type.  Non-parthenocarpic. Easy to pick up, very early, concentrated fruit set. Plant vigour: compact. Length/Width - 3,6:1.  CMV (cucumis mosaic virus) and CC (Scab) resistance. Extre..
Eco seeds
Cucumber "DAR"  BIO
Without the use of GMOs. Eco-friendly seeds . Cucumber "Dar" is a dwarf variety from Poland, which produces medium-large (8-10 cm long) cylindrical fruits with a delicate taste, and a dense, compact bush, rather small in size - 20 ..
Cucumber "Hokus"
GHERKIN "HOKUS". Medium-early, high yielding variety. Vegetation period is 60 days. Small fruit, with small papillas. Grown outdoors. Sown when the soil heats up (in the depth of 10 cm) from +13 to +14ºC. Used fresh or for canning. 1 ..
Cucumber "Iwa"
Salad cucumber "Iwa". Огурец "Ива".  Ранний сорт салатного назначения. Плоды длиной 18-21 см, гдадкие, не горчат. ..
Cucumber "Iwonna" F1
Pickling cucumber "Iwonna" F1. Non-parthenocarpic "Spined type". This hybrid produces light green, spined fruit on healthy plants. Fruit are very tasty and the flesh is crunchy with a firm core. Perfect for salt pickling where i..
Cucumber "Julian" F1
GHERKIN "JULIAN" F1. A hybrid kind intended to grow on open soil. The fruit is rich green in color, medium size, rarely lumped, doesn t overgrow or deform. Can be used fresh, pickled or marinated. 1,0 g contains around 40 seeds. Огурец ..
Cucumber "Libelle" F1
Gherkin "Libelle" F1. Crispy gherkins for universal use. Mid-early (vegetation period 49-52 days), bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and film shelters. The plant is medium-growing. Zelenets elongated, dark green, small tuberous (whit..
Cucumber "Marieta" F1
Pickling сucumber "MARIETA" F1. Mid-early hybrid. Medium green fruits with large warts, sparsely distributed. Lightly striped to 2/3 of length. Ratio of length and width is 3,2:1. Highly tolerant to Pseudoperenospora cubensis. The var..
Cucumber "Marketmore"
Cucumber "Marketmore". Medium-early, high yielding salad type variety. Fruit is dark green, beautifully shaped, used fresh. Grown outdoors and under cover. Recommended to plant in the same place after 2-3 years. Огурец "Marketmore&..
Cucumber "Odys" F1
Cucumber "Odys" F1. Mid-season (50-55 days) bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and film shelters. Fruits are short, sparsely tuberous, green with light stripes, 6-8 cm long, with a small seed chamber. The value of the hybrid: resistance..
Cucumber "Okonno-balkonny" F1
Gherkin "Okonno-balkonny" F1. Mid-season (50-55 days) hybrid for growing in open and protected ground. The plant is a female flowering type, medium-growing. Zelentsi are cylindrical, dark green, smooth, glossy, 14-16 cm long, weighing 90-..
Cucumber "Olimp" F1
Salad cucumber "Olimp" F1. It retains its presentation for a long time! The pulp is sweet, juicy, without bitterness. An early (45 -50 days) bee-pollinated hybrid, mainly of the female flowering type. The amicable return of the crop in th..
Eco seeds
Cucumber "Piccolo verde di Parigi"
Cucumber "Piccolo verde di Parigi" A mid-season bee-pollinated variety for open ground. It begins to bear fruit on 45-50 days. The plant is long-leaved. Zelenets 6-11 cm long, tuberosity is large and medium, pubescence is black. Delicious ..
Cucumber "Polan" F1
Cucumber "Polan" F1. Огурец "Полан" F1. Пчёлоопыляемый гибрид для открытого грунта. Чтобы ускорить появление всходов, семена намачивают - заливают наполовину или на треть их объёма водой комнатной температуры (+18+20°С) и..
Cucumber "Portal" F1
Cucumber "Portal" F1.   ..
Cucumber "Racibor" F1
Gherkin "Racibor" F1. Can be grown in a greenhouse or outside. A kind of medium-earliness. Crop is harvested 48-52 days after the seedling planting. The fruit has correct shape, are intensive green in color, covered in lumps of medium size..
Cucumber "Rodnichok Natur"
GHERKIN "RODNICHOK NATUR" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Bee-pollinated. The main lash is long (2-2.5 m), forms up to 4-5 lateral shoots. Productivity in foil greenhouses is 15-23 kg / sq.m, in open ground - 5-7 kg / sq.m. "RODNICIOK N..
Cucumber "Rodnichok Natur"
GHERKIN "RODNICHOK NATUR" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Bee-pollinated. The main lash is long (2-2.5 m), forms up to 4-5 lateral shoots. Productivity in foil greenhouses is 15-23 kg / sq.m, in open ground - 5-7 kg / sq.m. "RODNICIOK N..
Cucumber "Rodos" F1
Pickling cucumber "Rodos" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Medium early, productive hybrid. No bitterness. The strong sprouting cultivar with small leaves and have a good taste.  Long period of vegetation. Resistant to major cucumber di..
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