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Cucumber (bee-pollinated)
Cucumber "Aladyn" F1
GHERKIN ALADYN F1 - Cucumis sativus. "ALADYN" is a hybrid kind. It can be grown outd..
Cucumber "Altaj" F1
Warty cucumber "ALTAJ" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Early fertile gherkin hybrid. Good fe..
Cucumber "Andrus" F1
Gherkin "Andrus" F1. A hybrid variety for open field cultivation. Fruit are of a reg..
Cucumber "Atomic" F1
Gherkin "Atomic" F1. Universal outdoor hybrid. Vegetation period 62 days after sowing. ..
Cucumber "Bohemia" F1
Pickling cucumber "BOHEMIA" F1 - Cucumis sativus L. Early, high yielding hybrid. Fru..
Cucumber "Caruso" F1
Greenhouse salad cucumber "Caruso" F1. Semi-long hybrid for salad purposes. Resistance: ..
Cucumber "Charlotte" F1
Pickling cucumber "Charlotte" F1 - Smooth type.  Non-parthenocarpic. Easy to pick up..
Cucumber "Chinese slangen"
Cucumber "Chinese slangen". Medium early variety with fruits up to 45 cm long, bitter res..
Cucumber "Delikates"
Gherkin "Delikates". Early high-yielding variety for open field cultivation. Fruit with f..
Cucumber "Hokus"
GHERKIN "HOKUS". Medium-early, high yielding variety. Vegetation period is 60 days. Small..
Cucumber "Iwa"
Salad cucumber "Iwa". Огурец "Ива".  Ранний сорт салатного назначения. ..
Cucumber "Iwonna" F1
Pickling cucumber "Iwonna" F1. Non-parthenocarpic "Spined type". This hybrid p..
Cucumber "Julian" F1
GHERKIN "JULIAN" F1. A hybrid kind intended to grow on open soil. The fruit is rich green..
Cucumber "Kitaisky Pletisty"
Gherkin "Kitaisky Pletisty". Огурец "Китайский плетистый". Позднеспелый..
Cucumber "Libelle" F1
Огурец "Либелле" F1. Среднеспелый, пчёлоопыляемый гибрид огурца для открытого грунта.Мелк..
Cucumber "Libelle" F1
Gherkin "Libelle" F1. Огурец "Либелле" F1. Хрустящие корнишоны универсальног..
Cucumber "Marieta" F1
Pickling сucumber "MARIETA" F1. Mid-early hybrid. Medium green fruits with large warts, ..
Cucumber "Marketmore"
Cucumber "Marketmore". Medium-early, high yielding salad type variety. Fruit is dark gree..
Cucumber "Odys" F1
Cucumber "Odys" F1. Mid-season (50-55 days) bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and fil..
Cucumber "Okonno-balkonny" F1
Gherkin "Okonno-balkonny" F1. Mid-season (50-55 days) hybrid for growing in open and prot..
Cucumber "Olimp" F1
Salad cucumber "Olimp" F1. It retains its presentation for a long time! The pulp is sweet..
Eco seeds
Cucumber "Piccolo verde di Parigi"
Cucumber "Piccolo verde di Parigi" A mid-season bee-pollinated variety for open ground. I..
Cucumber "Polan" F1
Cucumber "Polan" F1. Огурец "Полан" F1. Пчёлоопыляемый гибрид для открытого ..
Cucumber "Portal" F1
Cucumber "Portal" F1.   ..
Cucumber "Racibor" F1
Gherkin "Racibor" F1. Can be grown in a greenhouse or outside. A kind of medium-earliness..
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