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Early carrots
Carrot "Amsterdam 2"
CARROT "AMSTERDAM 2". Grows best in cultivated, humus, not soaked easy clay loam or sandy loam sols. If the soil is heavy – sprout bad, the root vegetables are short, branchy, split. An early kind. The crop is harvested 80 days after..
Carrot "Amsterdam 2"
CARROT "AMSTERDAM 2". Early variety: ripens within 80 days from germination. Not for storage. Sowing: at the end of April - beginning of May in a well-moistened, loose, fertile soil with a deep arable layer to a depth of 1.5-2.0 cm accord..
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Carrot "Amsterdam 2"
EARLY CARROT "AMSTERDAM 2" - Daucus carota L.  Grows best in cultivated, humus, not soaked easy clay loam or sandy loam sols. If the soil is heavy – sprout bad, the root vegetables are short, branchy, split. An early kind:..
Carrot "Aron" F1
Early carrot "Aron" F1. Early baby type hybrid variety. Roots crops are bright orange, very tasty, suitable for fresh consumption, canning, or juicing. Root crops are10 cm long, therefore thrive even in clay soils; can be grown in containe..
Carrot "Calibra" F1
Carrot "Calibra" F1. Very early hybrid (90 days). 18-23 cm. Nantes type. Морковь "Калибра" F1. Ранний гибрид (90 дней) Нантского сортотипа с длиной корнеплода 18-23 см. Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot..
Carrot "Carvora" F1
Carrot "Carvora" F1. Early, fertile Nantes type hybrid. The vegetation period is 85 days. First harvest in 55 days. Fruits are 18-20 cm long, blunt tip, early acquires its specific internal and external colour, sweet and crispy. Suitable f..
Carrot "First harvest" (on a tape)
Carrot "First harvest" (seeds on a tape). Early variety: 70-75 days from germination. Root vegetables are sweet with excellent taste. The length of the root crop is 18-20 cm. ..
Carrot "Flyaway" F1
Морковь ''Flyaway'' F1 Данный F1 гибрид имеет отличную устойчивость к морковной мухе. Это не иммунитет, но сорт не так привлекает мух, как другие, и личинки быстро умирают, не причиняя особого ущерба. Отличный вкус, размер корнеплод..
Carrot "Jarana" F1
Carrot "Yarana" F1 - an early ripe and high-yielding hybrid of carrots "Nantes" variety, forming a powerful leaf rosette. Root crops are leveled, very smooth, cylindrical in shape with excellent inner and outer color, 18-20 cm lo..
Carrot "Jerada" F1
Carrot "Jerada" F1. A very early hybrid, ready to use within 90 days from sowing. Root crop of the Nantes variety, smooth, 16-20 cm in length. The pulp is sweet, tender, juicy. The root collar does not turn green. Has no sign of the appear..
Carrot "Jitka" F1
Carrot "Kraska"
Морковь "Краска" Среднеранний высокоурожайный сорт типа Берликум. Длинные конические плоды с приятным оранжевым цветом, устойчивые к растрескиванию. Мы можем порекомендовать этот сорт для всех видов использования - свежего рынка, переработ..
Carrot "Lenka"
Carrot "Lenka" Precocious,stump-rooted.It is a second track plant which reguires light sand-and-clay soil. 1 gram = 850 seeds Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot.: Daucus carota L. ..
Carrot "Lenka" (on a tape)
Carrot "Lenka" (seeds on a tape). Mid-season variety. Root crop 15-18 cm long with an orange-red core. Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot.: Daucus carota L. ..
Eco seeds
Carrot "Nantes 5"
Carrot "Nantes 5". Excellent, high-yielding, early variety. Root crops are cylindrical, smooth, blunt-pointed, 12-16 cm long. The pulp is juicy, tender, sweet, orange in color, of excellent taste. The core is very small, the color does not..
Carrot "Naomi"
Морковь "Наоми". Раннеспелый сорт нантского сортотипа. Вегетационный период 95 дней. Длина корнеплодов 16-18 см. Корнеплоды идеально ровные, не выступают над поверхностью почвы. * Морковь солёная. Отрезать у моркови верхушки, тщат..
CARROT "NAPOLI" F1. An early kind. Vegetable roots are cylindrical and have a blunt end. The flesh is orange-red, the core is small. Carrots do not tend to split even if they overstay in the soil. Suitable for early harvest growing. 1,0 g ..
Carrot "Parijser Markt 4"
CARROT "PARIJSE MARKT 4". Early variety. Root crops are round, bright orange colour, very tasty. Especially populär variety among gardeners, valued not only for its shape but also liigh carotene content of root crops. Suitable fo..
Carrot "Purple Sun" F1
Deep wine red carrot "Purple Sun" F1 - Daucus carota L. Crunchy, sweet and aromatic! Early ripe hybrid (from germination to technical ripeness 75-80 days). Root crops are deep purple, elongated-conical, pointed, 25-30 cm long, 3 cm in dia..
Carrot "Rondo"
Carrot "RONDO".  A very early variety of "Pariser Markt" type suitable as an intensive horticultural crop for bundling, as well as industrial processing. The roots have high sugar and dry matter content and show high resista..
Carrot "Smirna"
Carrot "Smirna" - Daucus carota L. Early carrot variety of "Nantes" type . Root crops are cylindrical, blunt. The grade is steady against flowering and cracking of roots. Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot...
Carrot "Touchon"
Carrot "Touchon". One of the earliest ripening varieties: from germination to harvesting 80-90 days. Root crops are leveled, cylindrical, up to 15-20 cm long, with a small core, orange-red in color. The mass of root crops is 80-150 g. The ..
Carrot "Vanda"
Carrot "Vanda" - Daucus carota L. Beautiful juicy roots. Early maturing high-yielding variety "Nantes". Root crops are cylindrical, very smooth. Length 18-20 cm, weight 120-160 g. The surface is red-orange. Pulp of excellent ta..
Porgand "Nefryt" F1
Porgand "Nefryt" F1. An early hybrid variety. The growing season (from sowing) is 92 days. Root crops are blunt-pointed, smooth, grow up to 15-18 cm long, sweet. Not intended for long-term storage. Can be grown on beam products. Carrots..
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