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 Cabbage broccoli "Calabrese Natalino"
Cabbage broccoli "Calabrese Natalino". A fertile plant with a mild taste. A very valuable..
Broccoli "Coronado" F1
Broccoli "Coronado" F1. A late hybrid (70 days) intended for autumn growing. It is suita..
Broccoli "Steel" F1 (type Fellow)
Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli "Steel" F1 (type Fellow). Eng.: Green Sprouting..
Brussel sprout "Dolores" F1
Brussel sprout "DOLORES" F1. An early hybrid variety intended for single harvest. The pla..
Brussel Sprout "Groninger"
Brussel Sprout "Groninger". Капуста брюссельская "Гронингер". Среднеранний с..
Brussel sprouts "Casiopea"
Brussel sprout "Casiopea". Mid-late variety: 155-165 days from transplating. Suitable for..
Brussel sprouts "Casiopea"
Brussel sprout "Casiopea". Mid-late variety: 155-165 days from transplating. Suitable for..
Brussels Sprouts "Long Island"
Brussels Sprouts "Long Island" - Brassica oleracea L. convar. oleracea var. gemmifera. ..
Brussels sprouts "Red"
Brussels sprouts "Red". The variety is frost-resistant, medium late (100-110 days from ge..
Cauliflower "Bora"
Cauliflower "Bora". A very early variety which is intended for the earliest field growing..
Cauliflower "Casper" F1
Cauliflower "Casper" F1. Medium-early, fertile hybrid of cauliflower for summer and autum..
Cauliflower "Di Jesi"
Cauliflower "Di Jesi". Spinach "Viroflay". The variety is early maturing (30-40..
Cauliflower "Di Verona Tardivo"
Cauliflower "Di Verona Tardivo". Late-ripening, high-yielding variety. The heads are whit..
Cauliflower "Erfurt"
Cauliflower "Erfurter". Early variety. Grow with seedling for summer and autumn crop. Gro..
Cauliflower "Fastnet" F1
Cauliflower "Fastnet" F1. Early fertile hybrid, grown for spring and summer harvest. Vege..
Cauliflower "Freedom" F1
Cauliflower "Freedom" F1. Medium-early hybrid for summer and autumn harvest. Vegetation p..
Cauliflower "Frisca" F1
Cauliflower "Frisca" F1. Late, high-yielding hybrid of cauliflower for autumn harvest. Ha..
Cauliflower "Marzatico"
Cauliflower "Marzatico" - Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L. Late-ripening, high-yie..
Cauliflower "Neckarperle"
Cauliflower "Neckarperle". Medium-early variety, grown for spring, summer and autumn harv..
Cauliflower "Romanesco Precoce"
Cauliflower "Romanesco Precoce" - Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis var. italica...
Cauliflower "Snow Lady"
Cauliflower  ''Snow Lady''  Late variety. It reguires a warming and..
Cauliflower "Synergy" F1
Cauliflower "Synergy" F1. * Цветная капуста "Synergy"- Brassica oleracea..
Cauliflower "Verde di Macerata"
Cauliflower "Verde di Macerata". Ornamental variety with green heads. Mid-season. The per..
Cauliflower "Veronica" F1
Капуста декоративная "Вероника" F1. Гибрид цветной капусты сортотипа "Романеско"..
Cauliflower yellow "Sunset" F1
Cauliflower yellow "SUNSET" F1. Medium-early variety, grown for summer and autumn harvest..
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