Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare
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Top-leaf parsley "Kaderava".
This is a variety which is intended for all year round harvest of tops which is suitable for immediate consumption, freezing as well as drying.
The leaves are double curled, and have a dark green colour. The tops grow intensively and harvest can be repeated several times after 8-10 weeks.
Sowing is possible all year round, but in summer months watering is necessary.
The growing time from spring and summer sowing to harvest is 80 - 90 days, from autumn sowing it is 150 - 180 days. The recommended spacing is 20 x 3 cm.

Петрушка кудрявая "Кадерава" - Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare.
Листья курчавые, тёмно-зелёные со среднедлинными черешками. В открытый грунт высевают с апреля по июль, в комнатных условиях может расти круглый год. Вкусовые качества высокие.
Очень ароматная. Долго хранится срезанной.

Eng.: Leaf Parsley (tops). Suom.: Kähäräpersilja. Sven.: Persilja Mosskrusig.Bot.:Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare

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