Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomato "ZLATAVA"
A mid-early indeterminate variety. It is intended for growing under cold plastic shelters as well as for field growing. The fruits are medium-large and weigh up to 80 g. They are a round to heart shaped and slightly angular. The raw fruits are light green with no markings near footstalk and ripe fruits are orange with slight ribbed markings and red flesh. The fruits are medium firm and are highly resistant to splitting which also applies to over-ripe fruits.

Tomat Zlatava

Томат "Златава"
Среднеранний, индетерминантный сорт, выращиваемый как в закрытом, так и в открытом грунте. Плоды среднего размера до 80 г.

Tomato Zlatava

Tomat Zlatava Rajce

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon lycopersicum

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